Expanded x Ep. 11 - Nadine Artemis, Living Libations

Nadine Artemis Living Libations

Holistic Beauty and Unconventional Wisdom for Healthy Living

“We need to keep evolving with the sun and filling up our vitamin D receptors with the sunshine. We have a lot of studies now that really show that we need Vitamin D. Breast cancer risk is slashed by 50% by having ample amounts of Vitamin D.”


Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations and author of Renegade Beauty, joins episode 11 of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares how her journey has led her to create science-backed holistic beauty products and practices. She talks about everything from studying women’s anthropology to microbiome health to dental care.  Nadine is one of Lacy’s personal health and beauty expanders and is a wealth of knowledge and expansion for all looking to live well.


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Words from Nadine:

“Now that we’re studying the microbiome more, we’re seeing what is inhibiting it or mutating the microbes or causing damage. When we look at the microbiome on the face, it’s fascinating. We can see how acne starts, rosacea, which is related to a demodex mite, and then of course that's connected to the guts.”

“We want this bacterial banquet to thrive on our skin and we kinda wanna let the bacteria be our beautician. So when it gets out of balance, that’s when disorders arise from Melasma to acne to rosacea to even dry skin. It’s all connected.”

“If you are eating a very standard North American diet, and you’re eating a lot of canola and Coca Cola, your relationship to the sun will be a bit different. If you’re baking in chemicals as you’re sitting in the sun, the effect on your skin is not going to be the same.”

“The health of your mouth is key to the health of your body.”

”That moment I was like well I’m not having a baby yet, but right now I’m going to prepare my body. From 18 on, I never ate processed food, I only ate organic. And to me that was sort of the beginning of creating my child even thought that was about a decade later until it actually happened.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Nadine has changed Lacy’s daily practices and habits

  • Breast health and supporting that by not wearing a bra

  • How the microbiome is related to all parts of the body and your health

  • Supporting the vaginal microbiome by the type of underwear you wear

  • The Living Libations yoni serums and their uses

  • Views on the health benefits of the sun’s Vitamin D and Heliotherapy

  • The science of sunscreen and the negative effects on your health

  • The Standard American Diet and the sun

  • Washing your body with soap

  • The face microbiome and acne in the modern skincare system

  • Putting essential oils on your skin

  • Dental care and route canals

  • Preparing her body for having a baby starting at age 18    


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