Expanded x Ep. 12 - Chloe Garcia Ponce, Nomadic Songlines

Chloe Garcia Ponce Nomadic Songlines

Channeling, Healing & Self-Forgiveness

We have to learn to be patient with the process and we have to give it the time that it needs in order to heal. Every day we should be working toward an intention of moving toward freeing ourselves and being more forgiving, and releasing the pain and the anger. It’s all discipline.

Chloe Garcia Ponce, otherworldly curandera, channel and herbalist joins episode 12 of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares how her multicultural upbringing has shaped her life and Nomadic Songlines, her healing practice. She talks about how to heal from trauma, embrace forgiveness, and balance the masculine and feminine. Chloe is one of Lacy’s personal healers and has so much wisdom to offer anyone looking to come into their authentic truth and learn to trust in the healing process.


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Words from Chloe:

We have our rituals every day that we just need to heighten the awareness. So we shouldn’t take walking for granted, or eating for granted, or sitting with a friend. All of these things that come into our lives have a deeper meaning.

As a creative person, I was drawn to color, I was drawn to finding my own voice and dressing a certain way. And I think that every person is unique and that every person needs to find their creative voice and follow that, and not have to follow a social norm to feel like they’re accepted.

I know what it is to be pressured socially. As a child, I was a very rebellious child. I questioned authority and I questioned what was right and what was wrong – not just for me, but what was imposed on me by others. I think that was part of my initiation was also to question the truth and not just fall into this social pressure of looking a certain way or feeling a certain was as a women, or dressing a certain way.

I love working with women in the United States, that they have been programmed to act like men in order to succeed on a professional level. Allowing them to feel safe with their femininity, their sensuality, and their sexuality. And allowing them to feel that just because they can be vulnerable, it doesn’t mean that they’re not strong.”

The body is just this amazing channel that we can tap into if it’s with Reiki, if it’s with crystals, through smells, aromatherapy, with food. How do we bring wholeness back into ourselves? It’s connection.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Chloe’s teachers throughout the years

  • Starting her healing path in her 20s

  • Coming to understand the doshas and their interconnectedness

  • Her time spent in India and the experiences she had

  • Feeling a disconnect while in New York

  • Combining her teachings of Mexico and India

  • Spending time with her grandmother during her childhood and innocence

  • Losing her father at a young age

  • Choosing not to have children of her own

  • Balancing the feminine and the masculine

  • The #MeToo movement and women in the professional world

  • Moving past a trauma or abuse

  • Being called into her healing path instead of pursuing art

  • Discovering her gifts

  • Opening up to your intuitive gifts

  • Her Saturn Return and feeling lost about her purpose

  • Forgiveness and letting yourself feel the anger    


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