Expanded x Ep. 02 - Dana James, The Archetype Diet



In this episode, Lacy talks to certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavioral therapist, Dana James. Dana shares her personal journey transitioning from a life in finance to her career today, through love and heartbreak, learning to be seen, writing her first book, The Archetype Diet, and how she’s found balance within her own archetype: the wonder woman. She also gives us insight into the other three archetypes she’s discovered throughout her functional medicine practice and how we can best adjust our lifestyle to balance our own archetypes.

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Words from Dana:

"[My biggest shadow aspect] would be the visibility, and I kind of feel like I'm still working on that piece, of fully enabling myself to be seen in all facets, and that means being wrong and not being perfect, and a lot of us who've done some work will say, 'We're not at that point. We don't believe we need to be perfect.' But there's a piece of us that really still wants to be."

"I had my masters in medical nutrition, and then I had all these other facets, which, to the point that I'm embarrassed about how much education is behind me, because it came from a place of lack. So I felt like the more education I had, then I couldn't be wrong, because the thought of being wrong for me was so devastating, and if you have that imprint, it's a big block."

"I would say that it's the only way that you can have a truly heart connecting, deep, soulful, wonderful, sexy, fulfilling relationship is you have to be able to express your feelings and share them."

"I couldn't see how much I had disconnected myself from my feelings, and the thought of expressing my feelings was like a weakness. Even if it was love, it was just going to put me in a vulnerable place. And I can only say this because I can look back and look at my flaws from my relationships, and one of the downsides to the wonder woman, despite her being not ending up on the floor crying, is this issue in her relationships."


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Dana became a nutritionist and her time spent training in London

  • Recognizing the power of food in changing the physical body and the mind

  • Deciding to leave the world of finance and becoming instantly magnetic

  • Family dynamic around finances

  • Body image issues, self-confidence, and feelings of lack from early bullying

  • Integrating her fears of speaking in public

  • The Wonder Woman archetype and expressing emotions in relationships

  • From driving past her ex’s house to finding balance

  • Shadow aspects of fully allowing herself to be seen

  • Deciding to leave a relationship that she was financially supporting

  • Forgiving herself for an ended marriage

  • Judgment of others and relationship with parents

  • Writing your partnership list and expanders  

  • Manifesting a house in Malibu  

  • The 4 Archetypes in The Archetype Diet

  • Eating for the Archetypes

  • How the different archetypes relate to self-worth

  • The role of childhood related to the archetypes

  • Dana shares stories for expansion   




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