Expanded x Ep. 14 - Beth Behrs, Actress and Activist

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I had no money, I was a broke girl.

Beth Behrs, actress and activist, joins episode 14 of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares how she was drawn to helping sexual assault victims which eventually led to her founding She Herd Power, a non-profit equine therapy foundation that provides immersive healing programs for female survivors. Beth is also an all-star manifestor and talks about how she used How to Manifest to manifest her latest role in The Neighborhood. She is a massive expander for any actor or artist looking to find both success and deep-rooted contentment. 


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Words from Mariana:

“Because what is a spiritual awakening right? Like we are talking about remembering who we are and the meaning of mindfulness, mindfulness with the big 'M' we say, which is like that because it became such a big word, right? That is so everything. So mindfulness with the big 'M' means field so it's like the field where we get to cultivate so much that has to do with the practice and we say that mindfulness with the little 'm' means Sati in Pali which of the word, the text of the Buddha teachings, means awareness, to remember, remembering.”

“There is a point in life that you just have to, like, you're doing everything that you're doing. There's only so much you can do and you have to like surrender or trust and sometimes in my practice when I'm feeling really like, you know out of control or like needing that sort of support like maybe I'll repeat myself, 'Just hold me. hold me.’”

"I believe that whatever, however is your authentic self, or however is the quality of your presence that you can bring into a room, you can bring in your social media. You can bring it all the places, you know, they don’t separate.”

“Growing up it was always very normal in the house to have this conversation, to know about it. What is it to be part of her a bigger spiritual plane? I always joke now that I'm a mom and, like, the things we used to do when we were little, I'm like how was it possible? Because my parents would come from work, change their clothes, they put all white, and they would just leave us with the neighbor with the door open and they would go to the spiritual center where they still go to the day.”

“What am I, really, and what is important to me? And what can I do? And that's enough.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Knowing she wanted to be an actress from a young age

  • Being drawn to working with and helping sexual assault victims and working with Children of the Night

  • Facing stress related health issues and panic attacks when her acting careers took off

  • Being introduced to transcendental meditation

  • Getting cast on 2 Broke Girls while broke

  • Following The Secret to a T

  • Tapping into Authenticity

  • How she manifested her role on The Neighborhood

  • Starting her organization SheHerdPower

  • Walking alongside her sister’s healing after sexual assault

  • Resources for healing after sexual assault

  • The program experience with SheHerdPower

  • Connecting with horses and the healing it provides

  • Learning not to need outside validation

  • Going through rock bottom during her time on 2 Broke Girls

  • Manifesting her partner, now husband

  • Taking time to connect with your partner

  • Beekeeping with her husband

  • Taking time for yourself for healing and connecting with nature    


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