Expanded x Ep. 15 - Special Manifestation EP with Lacy Phillips

Special Manifestation EP with Lacy Phillips

“All of it’s true in reality. Whatever we show our subconscious can be our truth.”

In this special podcast episode, Lacy gives you a taste of her manifestation class, SUPPORTED by answering your manifestation questions with Lila. They discuss everything from peripheral triggers, energetic tests, Reprogramming and relationships.


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Words from Lacy

“If you’re manifesting a relationship and the people who are showing up don’t feel like the closest to your reality, what you’re really needing the belief on is the fragmentation, so if it’s the communication bit, where you’re like, I bet I could have that relationship but I don’t know if I can have someone that communicates that well with me, that’s the bit that you need the expansion in.”

“When we stay in the same environment that’s making us feel small, be it a relationship, a parent dynamic, a job, a relationship with ourself, what’s happening, just pure neuroscience, we’re just reinforcing reinforcing reinforcing that loop, which means we’re going to have to work so much harder to overcompensate for that.”

“All of it’s true in reality. Whatever we show our subconscious can be our truth.”

“When you start working on your worth around the specific area of what you’re calling in, and you also use the How to Manifest to call in expanders the same way you would for a partner, expanders will start to show up in your life when you grow your energetic worth level to a more similar worth to that which you are calling in.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Finding clarity and what workshop to start with

  • Your expanders

  • The energy around procrastination

  • Dealing with shame and guilt from childhood

  • Fear of commitment and control

  • Shadows around sex and feeling sexually rejected

  • Letting go of expectations in manifestation

  • Being specific with expanders

  • Losing money to scams and debt

  • Recurring memories in the DRE

  • Self-sabotaging behavior patterns

  • Healing in a toxic work environment

  • Romantic partners that cross boundaries

  • Manifesting abundance when you have doubt

  • Protecting your emotional self

  • Relationships and financial abundance    


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