Expanded x Ep. 16 - Mariana Orkenyi, Meditation Teacher

Mariana Orkenyi Meditation Teacher

“If you have a daily practice where you are checking in to remember who you are, then you are awakening.”

Esteemed global meditation teacher and founder of Communal LA, Mariana Orkenyi, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Mariana shares how she found her path to teaching meditation, building Communal LA and her multicultural background, world traveling and motherhood. This episode will be expansive for all listeners, as well as though learning to navigate their own intuitive gifts.


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Words from Mariana:

“I don’t think I’m ever going to stop being a student. I think that’s why you become a teacher because you want to learn so much of that, that then you can just immerse yourself in that area of knowledge.”

“We have to be constantly checking the quality of our presence. There are 4 foundations in mindfulness, it starts with the body, then goes to sensitive, then goes to awareness, then thoughts and emotions. You have to start checking in, asking questions, anchoring. ‘Is this real? Is this really the story here? How can I be constantly checking?’ That helps you to come to a more centered place.”

“We need to start being more in the flow of what is happening. So in this phase of my life this is possible and this is not. How are we navigating all of this instead of trying to balance and putting more pressure on, how can we flow more? It’s more about fluidity and acceptance and what is possible, and honesty.”

“We are always in a conversation when we’re interacting with people we’re always already formulating our answer and what do we think coming from our own inner reality, but it’s important to let that person talk and to just be very much in your space.”

“What is this awakening? It’s just coming back to remember who we truly are, that we are beyond just a form. I definitely think that is the number one tool that will help us to set the foundation to then go and cultivate that in different ways. But if you have a daily practice where you are checking in to remember who you are, then you are awakening.”

“There is a point in life that you’re doing everything that you’re doing. There’s only so much you can do and you have to surrender or trust.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Growing up in a spiritual household

  • How do you stay authentic as a brand with social media?

  • The four foundations of mindfulness

  • Constantly checking the quality of your presence

  • Holding yourself accountable to home meditation practice

  • Transitioning out of a job

  • Feeling insecure about her accent and overcoming that

  • Being mindful as a parent

  • Having a business and being a parent at the same time

  • Protecting yourself by coming back to your body and your center

  • Having clear boundaries with others

  • The difference between meditation and hypnosis

  • Starting your meditation practice

  • Being mindful in corporate, demanding jobs

  • Being a student of life

  • Becoming aware of what you’re holding on to

  • Balancing the masculine and feminine energies

  • Awakening

  • The stress cycle

  • Staying encouraged and on track during a hard time

  • Leaving a long term relationship and leaving to Brazil

  • Doing kundalini for 30 days and then meeting her partner

  • Cultural upbringing and childhood

  • Biggest shadow belief that’s still integrating    


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