Expanded x Ep. 17 - Katie Dalebout, "Let it Out"

Katie Dalebout expanded podcast

It felt like a really big bottom, but eventually, it became this way for me to be authentic and be real for the first time – maybe ever”

Katie Dalebout, author and podcaster behind “Let it Out,” joins lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Katie shares her path from growing up in a small town in Michigan to living in NYC and hosting her own podcast while teaching others to do the same. She talks about her struggle with body image and an eating disorder that led her to find intuitive eating and wellness practices. She is a massive expander for anyone that has experienced body image issues, those interested in the world of podcasting, or anyone on their journey to reclaiming their authentic self.


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Words from Katie:

“I was looking for everything outside of myself, and then I pivoted out of the self-help section into the stationary section and I bought this colorful journal. Nobody told me to journal , nobody said that it would be helpful or useful. I didn’t know how to journal. I didn’t grow up as someone keeping a diary or contemplating my existence at all, it just wasn’t what I was doing. That summer, I spent time alone outside writing down how I was actually feeling and what I was thinking. And it felt like a really big bottom, but eventually, it became this way for me to be authentic and be real for the first time – maybe ever.”

“As far as recovery, I think it was a way for me to differentiate myself. I wanted to leave where I grew up, I wanted to be autonomous and I felt I was very stuck and I didn’t know how to get out of that. And so I hid by trying to make myself different and tried to eat in a different way, and control.”

“Food is a source of pleasure and taste, but it’s also connection and community. And that was something that I really had to learn and bring back into my life.”

“The model of intuitive eating essentially is making all foods on limits. So nothing can be off limits.”

“There was no fear of judgement. Even with therapy, or with someone safe like a friend, or a mentor, or a coach. There was always this fear of judgement there, because I’m a people pleaser and i wanted to be liked. But in my journal that was gone. I was able to completely be myself.”

“You know what happens when you see your book in Barnes & Noble? Absolutely nothing. Literally nothing happens. I got all the things I thought I wanted. All I wanted was a book deal and for this person to write the forward and this publisher – it was all the things I wanted. My 22 year old self really, really wanted. And then I was there at 25 being like Oh, it’s not this. I got all these things but what is it?”

“It felt like – and if this is something you can clarify of a being magic dark feeling – it felt like forward movement. Even though it was hard and challenging, I felt like this isn’t what I was expecting. And yeah my mom thought it was cool to be able to see my book there, but like this wasn’t what I thought it would be. It still feels like – me hitting this bottom feels like it’s gonna be okay.”

“My stuff used to be called The Wellness Wonderland when I first started, and I changed the name to Let It Out because I realized that wellness isn’t just kundalini and green juice – again, love those things as much as the next guy. It’s also about your career, and it’s also about your relationships, and it’s also about creativity, and aesthetics, and your home, and the amount that you travel, and how you feel, and how you eat, and family – it’s all of the things.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lunar hair care

  • Growing up in a small Michigan town

  • Struggling with body image issues after gaining a lot of weight in college

  • Learning to eat intuitively and what that means

  • Diet culture

  • Her rockbottom processing her feelings through journaling

  • Writing her book and seeing it in Barnes and Noble

  • Getting everything she wanted and it not feeling like she thought it would

  • Seeking external validation

  • Her biggest shadows from childhood

  • Raising magnetic children

  • Moving to New York

  • Supporting herself when she quit her full time job

  • Using NLP with her therapist to support doing the workshops


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