Expanded x Ep. 19 - Martha Soffer, Ayurvedic Doctor & Founder of Surya Spa

expanded podcast Ayurvedic Doctor

“We just don’t appreciate what we have. This body is so incredibly smart.”

Martha Soffer joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares her journey of becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner, which she has practiced for over 30 years. Her passion for healing with Ayurveda inspired her to open Surya Spa with her husband, which has grown tenfold since its beginning. Martha discusses how she started her business, practices for healing with Ayurveda, preparing for becoming a parent and so much more in this rich episode.


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Words from Martha:

“I was sitting in the dining room and this person came and sat next to me, she was slicked with oil and she looked so amazingly peaceful and so radiant. And I just started talking to her. And she started talking to me about panchakarma and Ayurveda. And even though I’d already been in [the Maharishi] school for a year and a half, I had no idea how profound it was. I applied to the program, not even thinking that I would work in the field. And this is how Ayurveda came into my life.”

“One day I came back from work and everything was gone and the key was there. No note, no nothing. My heart was totally broken. But this is to show you how life goes. During that time is when my family’s friend talks to my mom about me learning TM and about me coming to america.”

“The minute I learned TM, literally 3 months later I was able to sell my apartment, my house, all my things, get the visa… it was like a miracle. “

“Ayurveda comes when you are ready for it”.

Lacy: “What are your biggest tips for conscious parents to be?” Martha: “Prepare the room, prepare the womb. The womb is going to be the room for the baby. It’s very important to prepare yourself for being pregnant. We prepare both the mom and the dad, because when you are making a baby you need two seeds to get together. Both the egg and sperm need to be balanced.”

“Nowadays, I’ve seen it more and more— people are starting to look for the old ways of healing yourself. The old ways, this is what my grandmother used to do, and I’m starting to hear more of this now. To go back to the old ways of doing things.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Shifting from studying computer science to transcendental meditation

  • Moving to Iowa to go to the Maharishi School  

  • Learning to understand how food affects your body in positive and negative ways

  • Working at the Maharishi clinic and meeting her husband Roger

  • Abhyanga massage

  • The Vata dosha & slowing down in your daily life

  • Growing up around her grandmother’s farm

  • Hormonal changes in adolescence and menopause

  • Choosing foods that don’t aggravate your hormones

  • Our technology use and what it’s doing

  • Having the knowledge to help her son during his birth

  • Mother Baby Program

  • Piercings and tattoos on the body

  • Appendicitis and UTI treatment with herbs

  • Abhyanga for men

  • Awareness of chemicals in our products and our food

  • Ayurvedic rituals you can start doing today


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