Expanded x Ep. 20 - Max Kingery, Lacy’s Fiancée and Fashion Entrepreneur

Fashion Entrepreneur and Lacy’s Fiancée Max Kingery

“Pursue the things that are directly in front of you, and God willing, more will come. You just have to keep showing up.”

Max Kingery, Lacy’s fiancée and co-founder of the clothing brand Olderbrother, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Max shares how he overcame addiction, began working in fashion and worked his way up to starting his own eco-sustainable, gender-neutral clothing brand, using only natural dyes and fabrics. Lacy and Max also discuss how they met, how they balance work and their relationship and sneak some funny personal stories in between.


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Words from Max:

Sometimes that voice in my head really dictates how I go about my day in fear. Sometimes I’m able to change the track in my head, the scared, the self-centered, the self-loathing— I’m able to kind of reset that. And that’s just due to spiritual work, which has helped me develop a connection with a higher power and be able to calm that voice and that lie that I tell myself that separates myself from other people, which separates me from doing the things I want to do in life.

The writing was on the wall for me and it took me a long time to understand that [getting sober] was the most critical issue in my life. If you sat me down when I was 21 strung out on heroin, I could have given you 8 reasons why my life wasn’t working out and the fifth one would be that I was a maintenance drug user. I lived in a perpetual fog that alcohol and drug addiction creates for people and it was almost impossible to see through it.

Every single day, my spiritual program is growing from the concept that I’m open and I’m willing. All I know is that it’s critical for me that I pursue spirituality in any which way I can. And when I find myself recoiling from something, is when I’m living in fear.

I had just come back from an amazing trip through southern India and I had gone into this crazy meditation chamber and I remember quite vividly going like, ok, I’m just turning it over to the universe, not about us specifically, but like I’m ready to have love in my life.

The good news and bad news is: it’s a lot of work. It can feel overwhelming sometimes that as a human being, you know, these are the things I need to do to get out of bed each day and put my best foot forward. It can feel like a lot. And sometimes it doesn’t have instant results, which can be really frustrating too.

Pursue the things that are directly in front of you, and God willing, more will come. You just have to show up. I think that’s the one thing you hear about and that shows up in your news feed, ‘the ten successful character attributes of whatever type of people.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Pushing past fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs

  • Max’s astrology and human design

  • His experience with alcoholism and drug addiction

  • Getting sober through AA

  • How his spiritual practice developed once he got sober

  • Growing up with a dad who was also a recovering alcoholic

  • Max’s spiritual practices and favorite spiritual tools

  • Growing up with spirituality and self-care expanders

  • What to do when your significant other isn’t into self-work

  • Max and Lacy’s relationship

  • Traveling to India

  • Love Languages

  • Autonomy and triggers in relationships

  • How he knew he wanted to work in fashion and his path to getting there

  • Advice for entrepreneurs

  • Creating Olderbrother


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