Expanded x Ep. 21 - Bo Carney, Founder of Mohawk General Store

Bo Carney the Founder of Mohawk General Store

“Stay with that feeling of being inspired - and then all the other steps will just come into place.”

Bo Carney, co-founder of Mohawk General Store, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares the story of her international upbringing, meeting and going into business with her husband, and following her intuition and personal style to create the wildly popular Mohawk General Store. She’s a massive expander for fashion entrepreneurs, those interested in living or studying internationally, and anyone who is afraid to make the leap to achieve their dreams.


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Words from Bo:

Sometimes I think your brain gets in the way, where you kind of make these excuses of how - oh it’s not gonna work out, it’s not gonna - it’s gonna be too expensive or you know all these things that you just - and then you end up not doing it and you just talk yourself out of something. But on that day we just followed through, and then one thing lead to another - we got this space and then we’re like ok now we have the space now we have to like do something with it- and it just kind of flowed really naturally.

It’s kind of daunting to think of yourself as - oh, a retailer , I’m gonna start this business - I have to have a store I have to have a website, and like you know - you don't have to start like that - you don't have to have a business plan with like backers or anything like that because that's not how we started. And I find that a lot of people who are successful didn’t star like that either. I think just - like all those little things that excite you- like oh I’m really excited about buying this and then selling this to these people and seeing their reaction and how happy they are when they purchase something - like that kind of feeling - stay within that feeling, don’t overthink it and think you have to have this grandiose plan. Stay with that feeling of being inspired - and then all the other steps will just come into place.

It’s a lot of pressure too because you feel like- especially with social media just everywhere - you feel like you’re somehow not doing enough, or you're not being  proactive enough - you just feel all this pressure of how you should be doing things, where you shouldn’t - you know you should ignore - that’s kind of noise to me - so, I think if you stick to your gut and keep doing what creates this joy and inspiration in you- like that's like the greatest guide, I think that will open up doors for you.

If something in you is telling you that you should move to this place and you really want to and it excites you and you have like these amazing visions of yourself there I think you should pursue this - pursue it cause, ya it’s like a sign - something's calling you so I think you should follow through and if it’s daunting in any way - there are ways to get there.

I was really young when I met Kevin, so it started out of making like a mental list of oh - superficial things, completely - Like, appearance wise and job or you know, all of the superficial things- And then when you look closely oh this superficial quality equals to this deeper quality - the core of it, so, like once I started really thinking about that it kind of crystallized more strongly in my mind - oh this is the type of guy I should wait for, not settle for these whatever guys.  

In this episode, we talk about:

  • International upbringing growing up in Korea, Austria, and Dallas, TX

  • Studying fashion business in Italy

  • Meeting her now husband in Italy and moving to America

  • Opening Mohawk General with her husband

  • How she was inspired to open Mohawk General

  • Learning to run a fashion business without experience in buying

  • Following her intuition about curation and business decisions

  • Advice for fashion entrepreneurs

  • Dealing with the death of her father

  • Reluctantly going to a retreat that opened up a new way of looking at the world

  • Learning to reprogram her limiting beliefs from childhood

  • Adjusting to living in a new country and creating community

  • Learning to stay away from comparison with others

  • Creating Smock to fill a gap in the market

  • How becoming a mother changed her approach to business

  • Focusing on one thing rather than multitasking

  • Being held at gunpoint

  • Being married to her business partner

  • Calling in her partner

  • The influence of her Korean background on her aesthetic

  • Scaling her business

  • Style staples for the season

  • Her personal style philosophy


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