Expanded x Ep. 22 - Shaman Durek, Spiritual Guide

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“We’re not trying to get rid of anything, we have to stop looking at anything AS opposition to the light. we came here to love it free.”

Shaman Durek, a spiritual guide and healer, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. He talks about his deep lineage of healers and rebelling against his father to build his shamanic powers. He teaches us how to speak with spirits and how each person can step into their own unique gifts. This episode is a wild ride of spirituality and ancient wisdom that’s sure to expand anyone curious about shamanism, other realms, and living a more conscious life.


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Words from Shaman Durek:

Shadow work in shamanism - the way we look at the shadow, is we see the shadow as your light, so your light your being of light has to take on all the things you won't take responsibility for so it becomes our shadow - so whenever we wanna know the truth about something we ask the shadow - the shadow never lies to us.

My mom would say to me ‘You're not on the other side, you’re on earth. You’re in a human body, you have to understand that there are certain things in the human body— there's certain dimensions and certain things that you have to figure out about the human body and about the world of matter , and you'll learn about these things more when you get older.”

Everything wants to talk to you. The trees wanna talk to you, the flowers wanna talk to you, I wanna talk to you. Everything wants to talk to you, even your cells in your body wanna talk to you. It's just that we have become people who can’t handle truth. We are not spiritually mature enough to say, I’m willing to listen to what the angels have to say i’m willing to listen to what the tree has to tell me, I’m willing to listen to what the earth is gonna share with me.

In spirit shamanism we teach people its how to understand spirit, how to understand different dimensions, how to access the how to gain your powers, how to be able to move beyond your senses of touch taste feel and hear and see, to your other extrasensory senses that go beyond this physical body and how do you stretch your feelings out and how do you access informational streams and how do you move out of being depressed and into a moment of joy and sustain that joy so that you’re never out of that joy.

Spirit always pours into us that which we need, we are the ones who block it, right, it’s the same thing— nature's always pouring into us, if nature didn't we’d all die. So why aren’t we pouring into other people? Why aren’t we pouring more into ourselves? We’re vessels, vessels need to be poured into, and then when the vessel gets overfilled, we need to pour it t in someone else's vessel that’s how we keep everyone is sustenance, right, so healing is always present but what - what disengages the healing is your lack of belief.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being a third generation shaman

  • Being chosen by his medicine woman grandma to be her successor

  • Talking to his ancestors on the other side

  • His father turning away from shamanism and into religion

  • His mother being supportive of his gifts

  • Rebelling against his father

  • The shamanic view of looking at the shadow

  • The quantum field and dark matter

  • Free will

  • This realm and our purpose on earth

  • Breaking down Lacy’s shadow construct and blocks

  • Lacy’s past lives and fears in this life

  • Fear that comes from the underworld

  • Speaking to control

  • Learning to listen to and observe what the world around us and within us has to say

  • Seeing with eyes versus seeing with judgement

  • Acknowledging spirits talking within your head

  • Exorcism

  • Learning how to speak with spirits

  • His training on the dark realms

  • The constructs of fear and control

  • His experience dying and coming back to this side

  • Bringing fear to the light


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