Expanded x Ep. 23 - Jenna Zoe, Human Design Reader II

human design with jenna zoe

“ And once you accept that your design is beautiful and that your soul chose it before you came here…that's when you can just be like…we’re all innately worthy…it's all good, all beautiful.”

Jenna Zoe, Lacy’s Human Design reader, returns to the EXPANDED Podcast with this special episode. Jenna answers questions about how to use Human Design to optimize your manifestation practice, how living in your design can help you heal and discover your purpose, and how de-conditioning your beliefs can transform the way you live your life. This episode will be expansive for anyone looking to understand themselves more deeply.


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Words from Jenna:

The first step is to get clear on what does and doesn't light you up even if you can't do it yet - you can be like universe i'm brave - you and me, between us this doesn't light me up up but like you know, help me figure it out cause I can't quite take that jump yet i think that's the most powerful thing versus actually like stepping into doing it when you say like ‘oh i realize this doesn't make me feel that good’ that's like already magic.

So where it really comes from is this idea that the whole thing about human design is that we wanna de-homogenize people so we’ve lived like up until now basically in this culture where like if one thing works then it works, but that's actually not the case at all right, so we have these like preconceived ideas of like ways to be successful that actually isn't working for everybody.

We think purpose means work, when actually when you look at a chart if someone's only karma that they came here to do was fix their stuff with the relationships they’re in or to fix their stuff with the way they treat their body— we have no idea what purpose is, we really don’t, like we think of it as like oh well i have to have had a good, you know,this and that - it's not that at all it literally could be that you’re soul is here to be kinder to your mother, and that makes you way more likely to come back in a great next incarnation than if you’d forced yourself to be the next Bill Gates.

The number one thing that stops people from getting into their real design is associating being in a bad place with being deserving or not worthy, because once you can start to say ok this is just - from an observational point of view- this is what it is, and underneath i am innately worthy cause i'm just a piece of the universe i'm just a spark of the light, whatever words you want to use.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Getting back to the natural rhythm that your body thrives in

  • A breakdown of each energy type

  • The connection between Lacy’s work and Human Design

  • Understanding your shadow

  • Human Design and Illness

  • Demystifying what’s holding up your manifestation

  • Getting clear on what you desire

  • Using the opposite as medicine

  • How to use your design as work

  • How each type can get comfortable with down time

  • Flushing out external energies

  • How each type recharges

  • The authorities- emotional, splenic, sacral, ego

  • How each authority can follow their pings

  • How to live your design and finding the purpose of your life

  • What your profile means for your purpose

  • Being unapologetic about your type

  • Reframing rock bottoms

  • Specific vs. non-specific manifestors

  • Looking at past patterning

  • Self worth


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