Expanded x Ep. 24 - Alexis Smart, Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies with alexis smart

“it doesn't matter what the name of your disease is, it really doesn't— it’s just your symptoms and how they’re expressed — we find a remedy that's a match.”

Alexis Smart, flower remedy and homeopathic practitioner, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Alexis shares how grief, loss and illness led her to her work with homeopathy, the subtle yet profound healing of flower remedies, and how to use remedies to compliment your UNBLOCKING work. This episode will be so expansive for those who are dealing with illness, feel as though they aren’t fulfilling their purpose in life, or those interested in becoming a healer themselves.

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Words from Alexis:

“Like many healers I know I found this work by being treated myself- of something, you know- pretty profound and in my twenties I was starting to have minor panic attacks. I could function but it was starting to escalate and I didn’t want to take medication and it was happening especially when i was driving. I'd be white knuckling it, sweating […] I had read about flower remedies the night before I discovered them in some article about the model who had been treated for anxiety and so it was on my mind and I thought I have to look into this and then the next day I was walking by the healing waters near the beverly hills. That day for some reason in the window there was a sign that said english flower essences and that- I had not seen that before, and I was like - oh my god it just had this thing last night where I had to look into it so I went in and I met these two women and said like I've got anxiety and if you have anything and that and I came back in ten minutes and they had a formula for me- and she said in three days you’re gonna feel a whole lot better and in three weeks you're gonna be a new person - and for some reason I believed her which was weird because I had tried a lot of things and everything failed, but I really felt like I trusted this woman. I took them and it was exactly as she said, and like within three weeks I was totally different.”

“In homeopathy it doesn't matter what the name of your disease is it really doesn't it’s just your symptoms and how they’re expressed - we find a remedy that's a match and, so it was such a relief to even hear that- cause we’re obsessed with just - we find the name of our illness and we identify it. But it’s really not that important.”

“It wasn’t until I was given ignatia by Catherine Coulther - she's a kind of famous homeopath - she passed away but when she gave me that remedy I had exactly the same experience you did - of ecstasy and heart opening and beauty and you everybody - I love everyone I just feel so good and that's when I thought I wanna do this for other people I wanna give this to people.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lacy’s experience with Alexis’ flower remedies

  • The invention of flower remedies

  • How remedies work and are extracted

  • The most-prescribed formulas and what they do

  • Alexis’ story of finding and beginning to work with flower remedies

  • Growing up with a bohemian family

  • Her mom’s friendship with Leonard Cohen

  • Becoming an actress and model

  • Grief, loss, and illness that led her to her work with remedies

  • Alexis using flower remedies and homeopathy to help her parents

  • Using flower remedies for addiction

  • Homeopathy

  • Alexis’ rock bottom and losing people she loved

  • Alexis’ astrology and human design

  • What remedy Alexis is taking

  • Alexis recommends remedies for all of our community’s most common situations

  • A preview of the new formulas she is working on

Note from Alexis: “It’s fine to drink coffee and caffeine with flower remedies.”


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