Expanded x Ep. 27 - Lara Elliott, Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing

“Healing is creative, creativity is healing.”

Reiki and energy healer Lara Elliott joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Lara shares how her background in fashion eventually led to her career as a multi-modality healer. She openly shares her advice for differentiating yourself within the wellness industry, shares her challenging yet rewarding journey to becoming a mother, and inspires us to trust that success will come when when we become the most authentic versions of ourselves and do what we love.


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Words from Lara:

“Start doing what you love and then you will also actually be really good in it. And that’s the magnetism, that’s what you will radiate, and that’s what people will want to learn from you or receive from you.”

“Reiki isn’t something we have to do professionally, but it’s something that we can give to plants, dogs, everything-- because it’s really a way to come to a place of loving kindness, which is healing-- inside self, to others. If we all do that, the world will be a better place.”

“If we start showing up for ourselves in any way, whether it’s meditation or going to a healing session, sometimes we can have immediate feelings of shifts, and sometimes it can continue to go on and then, years later, all of a sudden a release happens that was initiated in that moment, but it just takes its time, it’s own agenda to open up.”

“I use the intention of energy, of being the vessel for energy, it’s not generated inside of me, it’s just to be the clear vessel for it. It’s love. Reiki, to me, could just be translated as pure love.”

“Something in this moment happens when we sit down with an intention, when we make space to heal, to look at ourselves, to put the intention of becoming a better version of ourselves. And this is really just to say ‘I wanna feel better, I wanna get to know myself better.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lara’s medicine and training

  • Her career in fashion and how it led her to wellness

  • Studying acupuncture

  • Finding her husband and falling in love

  • How trauma causes us to leave our bodies

  • How she deals with people thinking her practices are too ‘woo woo’

  • The precepts of Reiki and Buddhism

  • Healing with love and compassion

  • Lara’s Reiki training

  • Using Reiki to upgrade your magnetism

  • Differentiating yourself within the healing industry

  • Getting to the root of your own intentions for what you do

  • Finding your niche

  • Balancing business and family

  • Lara’s upbringing in Germany

  • The influence of nature and Buddhist philosophy on her upbringing

  • Lara’s birth journey


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