Expanded x Ep. 28 - Luke Storey, Spirituality and Sobriety

Spirituality and Sobriety

“Even when you’re in a really low place like that, at least for me there was still this small voice that was kind of going ‘You’re better than this.’”

Transformational coach and entrepreneur Luke Storey joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Luke’s shares his journey from being a young drug addict, to a celebrity stylist to becoming a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. He shares his lowest points as a heroin addict, his journey to getting sober, his consciousness practices, and accessible ways in which anyone can improve their mental and physical health by aligning with the rhythms of nature. He’s a powerful expander for anyone interested in biohacking, consciousness and sobriety.


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Words from Luke:

“Even when you’re in a really low place like that, at least for me there was still this small voice that was kind of going ‘You’re better than this.”

“We’re given this amazing gift of free will, and if you wanna go be a pedophile or a serial killer, go nuts, no one’s gonna stop you. Eventually, someone will, but God won’t. We have the spectrum from the lowest of low energies to the highest of the angelic and you can play around within that realm here on this plane.”

“Alcoholism or any addiction is an obsession of the mind in a very global sense. It’s just, if you’re drinking, it’s on another whiskey, if you’re a sex addict, it’s on another prostitute or pornography or whatever, but once you stop the behavior, you still have the obsession of the mind. So once you get past the point of using exogenous sources to change your reality, it behooves me to find ways within my spirituality to change my perception of life.”

“Everything that happens in my life now is viewed as a positive. I used to have to do drugs to change my version of reality. I got the parking ticket, I got the divorce, someone died, someone’s ill, whatever, Ok I’m gonna ingest something, whether it’s something that gets you high, or the high of spending money, I have to use that to change my perception of reality. There’s a me, which is my higher self, my soul, who I really am, that’s embodying this 48 year old male-sexed meat-suit. And I get to watch my personality right now as we speak, I get to watch my thoughts, my ego. There’s a separation, there’s a witness experience that starts to happen and there’s a crack in the armor there and some light shines through and then you say ‘Oh shit, there’s a me, and then there’s a thought.“

In this episode, we talk about:

  • His upbringing with a quasi-hippie mom and cowboy dad

  • Growing up in Northern California and getting into drugs in elementary school

  • Having his first spiritual experiences while listening to music

  • Moving to Los Angeles and playing in bands

  • Going to boarding school and getting sober for the first time at age 14-16

  • Hopping from addiction to addiction

  • The rock bottoms that made him realize he needed to change

  • How his self worth was reflected in the world around him

  • Getting sober from heroin

  • Going to rehab

  • Unraveling traumas from his past

  • Surrendering in all areas of his life

  • His dating life and new relationship

  • His experience in AA and the history of AA

  • Real sobriety vs. dry drunk

  • Observing the self and realizing the self beyond ego

  • Luke’s spirituality practices

  • Vedic Meditation

  • The effect of modern culture on our biology

  • How to strengthen the nervous system.

  • Getting reconnected to the rhythms of nature

  • The basic things everyone can do to improve their health and wellbeing

  • Non-duality

  • Free resources to raise your consciousness and reprogram

  • Calibrations of consciousness

  • Luke’s travel Tips


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