Expanded x Ep. 29 - Jeannette Ogden, @Shutthekaleup

manifesting a business on instagram

It’s all in your mind, your mind is power. you can do all things if you don’t keep saying no I can’t. if I get myself out of that and start thinking better and putting you know, good energy out - I will come out of that and I’ll succeed because I’m so worth it.

Jeannette Ogden, the force behind the blog and Instagram account @ShutTheKaleUp, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Jeannette shares her story with unflinching honesty and grace, covering a wide range of topics including how she made the leap to become an influencer full-time, growing up with an alcoholic mom, climbing out of debt, overcoming body-image issues, her journey to motherhood, and falling in love. She’s such an incredible example of the power of owning your shadow and an expander to anyone on the quest to live a meaningful, healthy, and family-focused life.


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Words from Jeannette:

“I just think it was very important to just find myself, and I’m glad I went through that experience [of disordered eating] because now I know that like, no I’m not gonna go through detoxes or cleanses or the celery juice trend or like keto- nothing, I’m gonna do whatever feels good and I’m gonna eat what I want, when I want, because that’s just kind of how I work and it’s been doing me very very well. With all aspects of my life I feel like, moderation is key, and also not being so crazy about everything.”

“AJ was always very very much into like, work on yourself, you know, always work on yourself, do what makes you happy and just very supportive in that sense, and I had never met anyone like that, and we both work on ourselves individually, so that way we can be the best as partners, and also for Elliot, our little boy, you know, you have to have that foundation and it starts with us as individuals.”

“Honestly it just happened, I didn’t know what an influencer was, I don't think anyone knew what influencers were when I first started I definitely didn’t know what a blog was when I started, I just, I wanted to help others and I wanted to, kind of put myself out there, for people to have a sense of like, you know- to see that there is such thing as being healthy but also going out with your family and friends and enjoying food that doesn't have to be like a hundred percent organic blah blah blah like pesticide free this that, you know, there’s so many labels out there and also there weren’t any instagram accounts that were about just overall everything, it was just like paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, you know, so many other accounts and I just wanted something that can give me like a little bit of everything, just real food.”

“I would say follow your passion, it’s very normal to say like yeah just follow your passion, but, it’s the truth, if you’re passionate about something you’re always going to be excited about that thing, and you won’t lose light, I think if you’re doing it for others, or just for fame or just for money, you’re never gonna be happy completely, like content, you know, like happy is a feeling right, but you won’t ever feel that joy, like that deep joy where it’s like wow I’m continually feeling inspired I continually want to do this or that and want to expand whatever I’m doing, I think that’s number one for me.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her Mexican heritage, growing up in CA and spending summers in Guadalajara

  • Her mom’s struggle with alcoholism and how she got sober

  • The importance of being open and making hard things more acceptable to talk about

  • Living with her aunt while her mom was struggling

  • Beginning her health journey with wanting to lose weight

  • Her experience with disordered eating

  • How she got in touch with living and eating intuitively

  • How she manifested her partner even though she wasn’t looking for him

  • How she knew he was the one

  • Her first long-term tumultuous relationship and how she decided to leave

  • The programming she grew up with around relationships

  • Thinking she wanted to be a teacher for young children

  • How she became an influencer

  • Wanting to teach people that health doesn’t have to be restrictive

  • What she thinks has made her successful

  • Staying true to her roots

  • Overcoming her shadow around being Mexican and stepping into her worth

  • Her grandmother advocating for her to have a home birth

  • The food and markets in Mexico and cooking

  • Getting pregnant

  • Her practices when she is stressed

  • How she uses exercise to clear her mind

  • Her approach to conscious parenting

  • Speaking to children like they are adults

  • Helping her son live his best life

  • Her shadows and insecurities

  • Seeing her body as a home to her babies

  • What she’s manifesting right now

  • Owning who she is and her identity as an entrepreneur

  • Her advice for entrepreneurs

  • Following her passion

  • Her retail job and money fears that held her back

  • Getting into debt and how got back on track and paid it off

  • Not taking things for granted

  • Becoming a yoga instructor

  • Pivoting from having IG be her side hustle to her main job

  • Managing her business and being a stay at home mom

  • Balancing online and offline time

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