Expanded x Ep. 30 - The Process

the process of manifesting anything

“Things come sometimes just as expanders or tests and we know if we really tap into our intuition, and a really good tool for that is ‘Does it put you in your worth or out of your worth?’”

In this special episode of the EXPANDED Podcast, Lacy, Lila, and Kate share their manifestation experiences using the TBM method. This episode walks you through the nitty gritty of manifestation step-by-step. Lila shares how she manifested her newest move and Kate shares a few of her most kismet manifestations that have come through. Regardless of where you find yourself in your manifestation process, this episode will be expansive for you.


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Words from Lacy, Lila, and Kate:

“People are always like ‘How do you know if you’ve manifested ‘the thing’’. You’ll know because things will come together effortlessly.” -Lacy

“I think for me it was doing a lot of work and I realized that I wasn’t having much clarity as to what I wanted because I was diluted my so many things, it wasn’t like I was drowning in items, but my physical being felt so diluted by my closet full of clothes I didn’t wear, it was very material for me… I felt like I needed to shed everything that was attached to me. I was craving this crazy space. So it was this urge that crept up last fall when I started getting rid of things and it kind of snowballed into just wanting to get rid of everything and just being me and being alone and allowing the clarity to come.” - Lila

“Illness forced me to let go of some of the grasping and feeling like I needed to control time. I was reading recently about the physiological and emotional connection of illness and it was talking about the thyroid, and the whole theme of those conditions is time- feeling like you don’t have enough time, feeling like you’re missing out, feeling like you need to be somewhere that you’re not. It’s been cool to use the work in connection with that concept.” - Kate

“I’m going through my own journey now of manifesting the next retreat house in the Pacific Northwest and I found one that I shared on Instagram. On paper, this place is fucking perfect, it has everything. Even I have to stumble and go through this thing again. But the moment I walked into that place it was so deeply haunted, but still I’m like “Maybe he’s the one!” -Lacy

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What Kate and Lila and have manifested recently

  • How they approach making their lists

  • How Kate manifested her job at TBM, a Biomat, and a surf teacher/ love interest

  • How Lila manifested her new apartment,

  • Lila talks about clearing space and becoming a nomad

  • The huge test/expander Lila passed while manifesting an apartment

  • Lacy’s journey to manifesting the next retreat house and the huge tests that are coming up

  • Lacy shares how to know if it’s ‘the one’

  • The pings Lila has been following recently

  • Lila’s progress on manifesting her famous boyfriend

  • How walking through fears creates instant magnetism

  • How Kate manifested her job with TBM

  • Kate talks about the lessons she’s learning through illness

  • The work everyone is doing

  • Kate shares how she customizes the DI while working through Shadow

  • Lila shares how she’s working through Partnership

  • Lila talks about being a non-specific manifestor and how she applies it to the process

  • The pings and downloads Lacy, Lila and Kate have had recently

  • Lacy on incorporating mindfulness into her daily practice

  • The health practices that they each are incorporating into their daily lives

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