Expanded x Ep. 35: Jacqui Lewis

The word guru is the remover of shadow, and it means that anything which triggers a response that removes the shadow to reveal the light that's within.

Jacqui Lewis is my personal vedic meditation teacher and the co-founder of The Broad Place in Australia. She is a transformational powerhouse for the modern busy person, and I am so excited to introduce all of you to her today!

Before I met Jacqui, I had heard about Vedic meditation, but I didn't really “get it” or understand it – then I did her training. It was a profoundly life-changing experience and now I have a practice that I do twice a day, for 20 minutes a day. The practice has totally shifted my reality and my life has gotten so much better since I started doing it, and it's been a gateway into deeper Vedic living, or Ayurveda.

What I love most about Jacqui is that she's so grounded, and she's created a whole new system around Vedic meditation to make it fully integrated with a modern lifestyle. She gives us permission to use this ancient, incredible modality and put it into our fast-paced and modern daily lives, and for that I am so grateful!!

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Words from Alexandra:

Some things are just going to be, no matter what.

If you're not allowing the mind to associate with something other than its thoughts and what it knows every single day, then your mind is just on this continual loop of what it knows – and when you meditate with this technique, it transcends beyond that thinking mind.

Where will I find inspiration and draw from? It's everywhere. It can be nature. It can be a book. It can be study. It can be an online course. It can be a person that you have a coffee with. It's not just that thing.

The mind and body are recalibrating together.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Jacqui’s Australian heritage + her experience growing up

  • The non-linear path that brought Jacqui to Ayurveda & The Broad Place

  • The moment Jacqui re-discovered the meditation practice that she developed as a kid (and then lost as a teenager)

  • What Vedic meditation is + what it’s actually doing

  • Integrating Vedic philosophies with other ancient + modern ideas

  • Jacqui’s personal and business relationship with Arran

  • The biggest shadow aspect that Jacqui has overcome in her life

  • Learning not to chase or focus on any one “thing”


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