Expanded x Ep. 34: The Process

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“Do not let perfectionism hold you back, especially if you're feeling the call. The ping, it's strong, and it's getting stronger. Do not let that hold you back.”

The forest house is almost complete and we had most of the TBM™ team up to celebrate and retreat. While together, we decided to host a “The Process” episode discussing the theme of the month: self-worth. With a team of freelancers, we all share how we source, build and support self-worth within career. We're so excited to see how helpful these Process episodes have been for our listeners, and we’ll continue releasing these episodes to help expand you and guide you in your own manifestation practice!

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Self-worth as a constant

  • Where we source our self-worth

  • The difference between self-worth + achievement + pride

  • Getting clarity (you can too! Check out https://tobemagnetic.com/a-little-slice-of-clarity)

  • Our best tips for following your bliss

  • Valuing your worth... with an actual dollar amount!

  • Ignoring what people put online

  • Turning your creativity into money requires compromise

  • The self-worth ego die off

  • Getting excited by growth

  • The muck you have to walk through to get to the rainbow

  • How Lacy started creating her method

  • The ubiquitous imposter syndrome

  • Overcoming our biggest shadows

  • How love + money are connected

  • Building up a magnetism bank

  • What we experienced in our Magic Dark periods

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