Expanded x Ep. 40: Nic Weinstein

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“Every single thing I’ve done in the past has all been little tiny steps leading me to this moment.”

In this super-packed episode, one of my ultimate expanders Nic Weinstein, joins us to share his many journeys in this lifetime. He invites us into his story of calling in, and being called in by, his partner Ashley Neese, how their partnership evolved and how they communicated with the spirit baby that has since come through. He describes how they prepared for parenthood and how they continue to practice conscious co-parenting. Nic also shares his transgender journey, from finding expanders to fully transitioning.

We also talk business as Nic describes how sickness and healing with nature led him on the course of herbalism and opening his own business. Lacy and Nic round out the episode with expansive financial tips most everyone can benefit from.

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Words from Nic:

“Every single thing I’ve done in the past has all been little tiny steps leading me to this moment.”

“A better investment of your money is to invest it in yourself.”

“There was this invisibility [of the transgender community]. I was having an experience for half of my life that I couldn’t conceptualize. I didn’t have any expanders. When I was in San Francisco hanging out with this women she asked if I wanted to see a picture of her ex-boyfriend. He was trans […] The second I saw him I said “that is me.” Tt was the first moment of expansion for me. That is when I started the process.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Fears surrounding parenthood

  • Preparing for pregnancy

  • Calling in his partner, Ashley Neese, and their journey of partnership

  • Conversing with their spirit baby

  • Biological difference between the maternal and paternal roles during procreation

  • The transgender journey

  • Living as an “in-between person”

  •  Coparenting and stepping into a more masculine role

  • Struggles in partnership

  • His journey getting into herbalism

  • Getting fired for coming out as trans

  • His journey through adrenal fatigue and illness, and healing in nature

  • UTIs and transitioning

  • Starting his own business

  • Listening to pings

  • Using Gem essences in herbal formulas

  • Herbal staples to have on hand, daily

  • Financial advise on investing, savings and financial freedom


Where to find Nic Weinstein:

nic weinstein

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