Expanded x Ep. 41: SriMati


“If you’re really really blessed, you’ll be dismantled at least once in your life because that is the beauty.”

SriMati, aka Julie Piatt, joins the EXPANDED Podcast for a truly expansive episode on all things from life, love, family and spirituality. She has always been one of my biggest expanders and I am beyond excited to share our conversation with you. SriMati takes us on her journey of her career in design, to finding her spiritual path, becoming a mother of 4, patience and trust through financial collapse, partnership and everything in between. Her spiritual devotion, practice and abilities are an inspiration.

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Words from SriMati:

“My devotion to life, the life that is breathing through me is what allows me to manifest, what allows me to create, and bring my visions into fruition.”

“If you’re really really blessed, you’ll be dismantled at least once in your life because that is the beauty. If you can accept it as a warrior training and if you can lesson your moments of emotional disturbance as a result of what is happening to you, the test will resolve and you will go beyond it.”

“It’s all perspective. It’s what perspective do you want to take about what is happening to you. As a warrior, as a transformer, we have to choose a different perspective and don’t let anyone else define what your experience is.”

“The ability to cultivate that awareness being surrender, humility, a heart merging and an expansion into realms you could have never imagined for. It allows the portal for the miraculous to enter. In that Fram, the manifestation is a softness, a creativity, a flow.”

“I think there is an exciting potential in the field now that has never been and that is to actually experience a relationship that is beyond the false princess/prince paradigm that is exploding right now. I’m going to say yay awesome for you guys. Whenever we feel that completion is going to come in the other, it’s an illusion. Every single experience in your life can be addressed by turning the magnifying glass on your own being.”

“That’s the thing with healing that is important to say. We don’t want to look at the ugly. We just want to take a pill and have it go away. But to really experience a transformation you have to look at all the ugly stuff.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her cultural upbringing in the mountains with multicultural parents, moving to Alaska and growing up in nature.

  • Her innate ability to communicate with nature

  • Her background in fashion design and how she started her own clothing line.

  • Building out and designing her two houses, including the famous Jai House

  • How she got into Interior design and flourished as a designer for some years

  • Her journey through 3 different marriages

  • Her experience with sexual harassment in the work place

  • Human Design and how it has provided clarity to how SriMati lives her life.

  • Her yoga retreat in Italy and how she developed her own yoga technique for all levels.

  • Meeting her now husband, Rich Roll

  • Being a shadow musician and starting a band with her sons

  • Her journey through financial collapse and living in poverty with a family.

  • Giving birth to her fourth child and how it affected their spiritual upgrade

  • How she detaches from what she desires to manifest in order to surrender to the beautiful moments that are waiting to come through.

  • Learning to receive with gratitude.

  • How she left all systems and practice outside of herself to get more in touch with her inner self during her conscious rebranding and rebirth in the last few months

  • How she acknowledges her children as teachers and her full parenting philosophy 

  • Her outlook on relationships

  • How sleeping separately has helped her marriage

  • Building her team and how it has helped her business

  • Launching her online course

  • Using Ayurveda and singing to heal her throat cyst


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