Expanded x Ep. 45: Lalah Delia


“Fear doesn’t mean stop. It means keep going. There is energy there. Energy that will adjust into a transformative passion and purpose.” 

Lalah Delia, spiritual writer and wellness educator behind Vibrate Higher Daily, joins us on this powerful episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares her soul journey, growing up in South Central LA with multicultural parents, exploring her divine calling, how her family acts as her biggest expanders and how we can all engage in critical conversations to uplevel our communities and “Vibrate Higher.”

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lacy Calling in her Topanga home

  • The origin of Lalah’s name

  • Her cultural upbringing, growing up in South Central LA

  • Her parents’ divorce 

  • How her relatives expanded her

  • Cultivating a safe, inclusive space energetically for those around her

  • Ending her marriage

  • Her vow to be celibate

  • The growth of her love of writing

  • Her experience with an abusive relationship

  • Her relationship with her daughter

  • Healing her inner child & past trauma

  • how to take your power back

  • Generational and cultural changes

  • Shame as a motivator

  • How to get involved in your community, making big changes

  • How conscious conversation and media can alter cultural stereotypes

  • Her career path and working through fear

  • Her divine calling

  • Her mother’s journey of reawakening

  • Addressing interracial conversations

  • Her spiritual, soul journey


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