Expanded x Ep. 46: Dara Dubinet & Jenna Zoe


“Sometimes we need a bit of psych-k or a bit of a D.I. or a session with someone else that can see us in a way that we don’t. Once you figure out who you are, how can you use these other things to kind of help and tweak things as you go.” 

My go-to Human Design reader, Jenna Zoë, and my favorite astrogeography reader, Dara Dubinet join this episode of the Expanded Podcast. They share their individual journeys through manifestation and the tools that helped them take their practice even deeper. Jenna gives us some insight into Human Design while Dara shares her expertise in Astrogeography and feng shui. This episode is full of info to serve anyone regardless of where they are in their practice.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Jenna’s journey discovering Psych K

  • Jenna’s journey through a RUT

  • Jenna’s Authentic Code

  • Dara’s career story

  • Astrogeography

  • All about your True Node

  • Dara’s tests that she passed

  • The energetic changes they’re making for their businesses

  • Feng Shui

  • Human Design overview

  • Human Design 3/5 profile

  • Human Design for digestion


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