Expanded x Ep. 47: Dr. Dani Olsen


“I’m so grateful to have the doctorate that I have because I’m trained to look at the body very differently than most doctors. We look at it from the emotional aspects, chemical, physical and spiritual.”

Dr. Dani (Danielle Olsen) is one of the most magical guests we've had on the Expanded Podcast. She joins this episode to share her journey to discovering her psychic gifts and her passion for healing, how she channeled the combination of the two to heal herself from a brain tumor and to provide healing for countless others. This episode is super expansive for anyone looking to make a big move in life, anyone interested in alternative healing and anyone eager to listen to a great story. Enjoy!

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her practice of craniopathy

  • Her psychic gifts

  • Her move from Minnesota to LA

  • Growing up in Minnesota as the youngest of 6

  • Growing up with an identical twin sister

  • Her near death experiences

  • Healing herself from a brain tumor

  • Her mom as her biggest expander

  • Her most profound healing story

  • How she manifested her house & job in LA

  • Lila’s experience at Human Garage

  • Lacy’s experience trying to get pregnant

  • Working with fertility

  • Importance of breathing

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