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Low frequencies and resistance are two of the bigger blocks that slow down the pace at which you receive what you are calling in.  And this energy comes in many different forms:  depression, discouragement, jealousy, anxiety, fear, lack, heartbreak, unhappiness, lack of focus, and the list continues on and on. I’m someone that very much understands the trenches of all of these emotions very well. And I actually honor them with deep respect, as they are the binding equality that connects every single one of us together – in the form of compassion. 

But how does this pertain to manifestation when you’ve found yourself energetically in a low vibrational rut?  This is actually a question that comes up in a lot of my sessions.  And moving out of this rut into a higher vibration is more within one's control than they realize. Here are a few of the immediate physical tools one can use to shift out of a vibrational rut. 

FORGIVE YOURSELF | the very first step is to acknowledge the root of what is causing these emotions to come up for yourself. Really take a look at this root, and forgiving yourself.  No matter what.

ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER | when you are deep into these ruts, from the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes, simply place one foot in front of the other to accomplish the tasks that absolutely need to be met that day.  One day at a time.

CLEAR | take EVERYTHING off your plate that is additional for the time being.  Literally detox it and drop it off your agenda.  

SWEAT, REST, CLEAN | on a chemical, cellular, and hormonal level you could be experiencing a tiny bit of imbalance.  That is perfectly normal and something we all cycle through at different times.  Now that you’ve detoxed your schedule, the three big things I advise people to do during ruts are cleanse from sugar, refined foods, and alcohol, which are very anxiety provoking depressants (serotonin depleting) and keep you spiritually unclear.  

I also really encourage clients to rest during this time when they feel inclined.  Relax, nap, meditate, and simply give yourself permission to slow down.  And above all, workout out.  Even if it’s something light for 20 minutes a day, it’s important to sweat to get those endorphins and blood pumping.

COMMUNITY | set dates with your more uplifting and inspiring community.  Dinners, teas, someone to come over and enjoy a tonic together.  The simple act of connecting with someone uplifting is incredibly therapeutic and vibrationally escalating.

NEW | the most sacred tool of all is to experience something new.  A new museum, restaurant, book, garden, city, person.  Newness creates new portals for exciting, positive, inspired energy to flow into your field.  It’s an instant vibrational lifter. 

If you are looking for spiritual tools to heal deeper root causes that are clouding your vibrational frequency, I look forward to connecting over a session. 

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