Lady Drama • Manifestation


Ladies and drama. Note that this example is applicable to any dramatic relationship in one’s life; however, let’s concentrate it and boil it down with this subject in mind. When we have one or multiple ladies in our life that continue to give us tension, especially similar scenarios, it is 100% a projection of an unhealed part of ourselves. They are literally our gift from The Universe (mirror) inviting us to dig down deep and do the work to a) pinpoint what the wound is, b) when/where we received it, and c) to heal it.

Once that very specific wound is healed, then three scenarios will play out:

1.     The tension will dissolve and a harmonious energy will remain. The relationship will become one of give and take, acceptance, and compassion. This is if you’ve managed to heal their wound by healing yours. An example of this is once you’ve pinpointed your own wound (usually picked up in childhood), healed it, and in doing so subconsciously find compassion for the person giving you conflict. The wound is no longer being activated, as you’ve healed it, therefore it doesn’t continue getting hurt over and over, and now you only see the other party in a compassionate light, so you subconsciously accept them for themselves fully. Subconsciously this begins healing their wounds, and thus resulting in a harmonious relationship. However, some people aren’t consciously ready to receive that kind of subconscious acceptance and love. Which brings us to the next scenario.

2. The other party in this drama that you DID attract isn’t ready for this acceptance and compassion. When you heal any wounds or low self-worth, your vibrations raises. Energy is energy. When it’s no longer flowing on the same plane as another and one is higher than the other, the lower energy will try to pull the higher energy back down, subconsciously. It’s the simple laws of energy. These are considered lessons and tests from The Universe to see if you’re willing to continue keeping that energy in your life, which is a direct reflection of low-self worth, therefore The Universe registers this as you not valuing yourself enough to move up to the vibration of what you are calling in (no matter what the subject might be since every aspect of life transcends into every other – energy, holistic, everything is connected). This is your cue to remove them from your life, distance them, or create boundaries. It’s also a clear indicator that you’ve only partially healed the wound(s), and you need to investigate further/ heal other wounds.

You’ll recognize this when you’ve healed something in yourself, the other party continues to send tense energy your way, therefore you distance yourself from then, AND this person continues to pop up out of nowhere, sinks into your thoughts often (psychic trespassing), or crosses your path. If they continue to pop up, it means that you still have some healing to do.

3.     Or you’ll know that you’ve fully healed the exact wound(s), and will no longer attract these similar conflicts, when the relationship becomes harmonious OR the other party seamlessly, peacefully and divinely falls out of your life. Examples of this are when they move away, get too busy, and so forth.

The same example is true of relationships that aren’t materializing.  If you still haven’t attracted in the partnership you’ve been manifesting, or the friendships, or communities, it is due to a very deep rooted belief or wound. Usually a subconscious one that is actually trying to protect you from recreating a wound(s) that really affected you such as abandonment, smothering, abuse, teasing/minimizing, chaotic parental relationships, and more.

So the same drama doesn’t continue to coincidentally come into your life. Or you didn’t think this drama into existence. You are attracting each other in because you share the same wound/ limiting beliefs / low self-worth. And those are the exact blocks that are preventing you from manifesting what you’ve been calling in.

This is equally applicable to family dynamics, partnerships, friendships, bosses, and so on.

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