Expanded x Ep. 57: How to Heal Your Inner Child with Dr. Nicole LePera


“People can only provide others, even children, what they provide themselves.”

Dr. Nicole LePera is leading the way for a holistic approach in the clinical field. In this episode, Lacy and Nicole discuss how she has intertwined her background in clinical psychology with a holistic approach to mind, body, and soul. She shares tools for approaching healing and acknowledging patterns in our own narratives. 

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lacy’s experience with Panchakarma

  • How Lacy has been incorporating Ayurvedic practices and how it’s been feeding her UpLevel

  • Nicole’s cultural upbringing

  • Approaching inner child work, and how Nicole discovered and researched the concept through her own healing journey

  • Developing consciousness around the place where the inner child lives within each of us

  • Exploring the ways we are still impacted by our inner child

  • Learning how our wounds show up and how we may start to heal them

  • Two ways to work with our wounds: being aware of our narratives (through meditation) and giving ourselves permission to consider ourselves and make ourselves a priority

  • Indicators of when a wound has been healed or shifted

  • Nicole’s astrology sign and human design

  • The protective nature of ego

  • Using affirmation as a positive reinforcement tool

  • Recognizing awareness through conscious, and continuing to reaffirm this through repetition

  • Creating a new self, with flexibility for creation

  • Nicole’s model of interacting with people and functioning, and her journey to get there

  • Some of the physical changes Nicole made to improve her mental space

  • An approach that looks at the body, the lifestyle, interventions, and the power of the subconscious

  • The biggest part of shadow work is self-acceptance

  • Acknowledging, questioning, and accepting when triggers show up

  • Two-fold intuition: listening to our body-based guidance system and trusting it

  • Reconnecting with our intuition through nature, art, music

  • Emotional addiction and identifying cycles

  • How to catch ourselves in emotional cycles

  • Emotional enmeshment and how that shows up in adulthood

  • Discovering our needs and wants, and learning how to show up in the world

  • How to consciously communicate boundaries and practice this communication

  • Self-healing, modeling, and communication as parents

  • Allowing grace for ourselves as a part of healing

  • Conscious parenting and shielding from the not-so-positives of life and ourselves

  • Nicole’s future-self journal and daily consciousness/affirmation

  • Nicole’s biggest rock bottom

  • Nicole’s top 3 expanders


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