Expanded x Ep. 56: How to Hack Your Power with Shaman Durek


“Just because something looks different, or you don’t understand it, or it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t mean we should immediately pull it over to the polarity of darkness. We’re giving darkness too much power.”

Shaman Durek returns to the show to talk about his new book, Spirit Hacking. He runs some diagnostics on Lacy, as well as shares practical exercises listeners can do for themselves. He taps into some of the reasons Lacy has been suppressing her clairvoyant gifts, and provides tools for listeners to begin to crack the code of Shamanism in their own lives. This is a beautiful episode with so much information to expand and boost listeners.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lacy’s fertility journey

  • Cracking our own health codes

  • Examining where we are codependent in our lives

  • Understanding and using Shamanism in physiology and kinesthesiolopgy

  • Shaman Durek opens up about his relationship

  • Ravenous media and his experience with his girlfriend’s royal family, Princess Martha Louise

  • How he deals with racist comments

  • Our flaw of turning insult into injury, and bringing those things into darkness

  • Using our conscious to perceive what is and isn’t true about ourselves

  • Energy maintenance and management

  • How ego plays into our perception of the universe

  • The ego’s job: identifying and solidifying our narrative

  • Reinforcement of our narratives

  • Caution against poisonous words we use while reinforcing our narratives

  • Shaman Durek runs a scan on Lacy to get to the root of why she can’t debunk narratives about the spirits she’s call in

  • Lacy’s exhaustion from helping so many others that she can’t attend to the spirits

  • Living above the Maya

  • The finger in the center of our left hand holds our command

  • Importance of taking inventory of your manifestations

  • Shaman Durek does a full body scan in relation to Lacy’s fertility tracking

  • Shifting polarity from lesser to greater

  • Identifying what we can do physically and mentally to relieve stress and anxiety

  • 2 exercises listeners can benefit from at home

  • Shaman Durek’s book on keeping ourselves lit and topics included

  • Healing from wounds in a relationship

  • Finding the best information to evolve from

  • The importance of sexual compatibility in a relationship

  • Light Intelligence Energy

  • The animal spirit associated with Lacy’s house

  • Tools to fill yourself and stay balanced

  • Benefits of tachyon

  • Directing energy rather than affirmation

  • The source of our gratitude (exercise for this)


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