Expanded x Ep. 58: What You Need to Know About Manifesting Money


“You can have what you want, you deserve what you want, if you can get aligned with that on the subconscious level.”

Lacy had a ping to share this episode she had previously recorded with Luke Storey on his The Life Stylist Podcast, with the To Be Magnetic audience. This episode focuses on how to manifest money. Lacy and Luke discuss the importance of being intentional about our core wants and needs, as well as some specific questions from the Path that Luke encountered while working through the course. Luke also touches on the manifestation of his own project that he recently launched.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Re-recording the deep imaginings and creating new content 

  • Some new research around Crohn’s and a detox Lacy is trying 

  • Importance of walking the walk with the work you teach 

  • Owning and honoring our gifts, and showing up with them  

  • Embracing negative thoughts and triggers to find out where we’re blocked 

  • Achieving awareness and creating space on the subconscious level 

  • When we see someone who embodies something we want, they are creating space in our subconscious for what we want to come through 

  • To be in craving or wanting is usually considered a lower energy state, though it’s natural for humanity to crave growth 

  • We deserve and are worthy of having anything we physically need in this lifetime 

  • Everybody’s wanting is different, and the core is usually not about the physical item we want 

  • Getting clear about our core wants and needs 

  • Money is one of the easiest things to manifest when you figure out the energetics 

  • Three important things for manifesting money:

  • Manifesting on the physical level is part of our spiritual lessons 

  • Two Eastern philosophies: Detachment and Mysticism  

  • Two most important energetics are that we believe we deserve it and it’s not bad to want it 

  • Finding our authentic code 

  • Love and money are so directly connected 

  • Our beliefs, expansion, and worth decipher how much money we are attracting 

  • Boundaries and “no” are the quickest way to create magnetism  

  • We tend to model our level of success to that of our primary care takers 

  • The influence of our economic background growing up 

  • Empowering yourself on what to do with finances once you have them 

  • Influence of negative or positive conversations around money, and subliminal messages we picked up 

  • Looking at what money was used for growing up 

  • Shame is at the root of every block we have; with money it goes on both ends of the spectrum (no money and lots of wealth) 

  • The pursuit of Lacy’s work is to become subconsciously deserving/worthy and then to expand so there’s space for it to come through 

  • Conscious ways to focus on different aspects of this work 

  • Four pillars of magnetism: 1. Pure authenticity 2. Integrated 3. Expanded 4. Free 

  • How Luke gets physically charged so he can work on his spiritual charge 

  • The process of Luke creating his product from his own work — finding his vision and integrating it 

  • Lacy talks about Uplevel, which was new at the time of recording this episode 

  • For people who are feeling the political divide, move to a place that's the opposite of your beliefs 

  • Whatever method of manifestation that resonates with you, make sure you are engaging with what’s showing up in your life that you don’t like and the feelings you don’t like 

  • Lacy’s current teacher influences: Dr. Demartini, her mom and dad 


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