A Completed List No. 2


As promised, I’m quite keen on sharing my completed Manifestation lists with my community, for I hope to encourage each of you to share yours with family, friends, or social community. Each time we realize and receive an intention that we’ve been manifesting, the ability to expand our beliefs becomes easier and easier, therefore we strengthen our manifestation muscle and trust in The Universe.

It isn’t a secret that I wholeheartedly live by The Universe through manifestation work. I have since the age of seventeen - then through methods from books and the movie that failed most of us. At twenty-five, I dropped the old process I had learned, and began to investigate my own process of what showed up, how, when and why. What I learned – and continue to learn – is that it’s a very intuitive, grounded and practical process. It isn’t some secret gift or superpower. Manifesting and working with The Universe is something that each of us are fully capable of doing, anytime. And I learned these other three truths:

- Thoughts and visualization aren’t what attract your intentions to you, beliefs do.

- As physical beings on the physical plane, we are capable of having anything we physical want or need.

- It isn’t magic. It’s a very easy and specific formula. The real work comes from raising our self-worth to the vibration of what we are calling in, and expanding our beliefs by doing self-work.

Here is my list from two years ago. I was doing a bit of organizing this weekend. I have a nostalgic folder that I keep in my filing cabinet titled “LOVE”. It’s where I keep sentimental photos, notes, letters, drawings from past loves, my former pre-school students, family and friends. Somehow, this little list found its way in there. I took that as a sign to share it with you.

1.     I released the client (blacked out for privacy reasons), and continue to build up my brand.

2.     Boy have I! I love each an every one of my clients, for it is such a gift to work with so many of you. Truly the most rewarding thing in my life aside from love.

3.     I now live with my partner in the beautiful home he purchased in Echo Park two years ago. It’s filled with everything listed, and most important lots and lots of love, respect, communication, honor, and holding space for one another.

4.     This is exposing and candid. Uncomfortably so. However, I’m a cheerleader here for every single one of you to create the exact flow of your personal employment or business, so it’s only fair that I’m an open book and share transparency with my community.

5.     On the PR front, I’ve watched so many in wellness take them on. And though they are incredibly beneficial for spreading one’s brand and word, I find that I like the organic process. For The Universe is my PR at this time. And that feels most organic and comfortable for me. Therefore, I decided not to go this route at this point.

6.     A beautiful and notable literary agent was in touch two weeks ago, and now I’m putting together a proposal for a book.

7.     NYC!!! Though I don’t live there the entire fall, at this time, which wouldn’t quite work for my partner’s two companies, we do stay for weeks on end in the fall, winter, and summer in exactly what is listed.

Aspects of the Manifestation formula that allowed for these intentions to realize:

1.     Seeing Is Believing - In order to build my company to where it is now, it took three very important “seeing is believings.” 1. Working directly with a juice goddess, who has built an empire, taught me that charging $10 for an almond milk was exactly what she and her product were worth, which translated to honoring my value immensely. 2. A magazine article in Harper's two years ago by an overly candid fashion blogger that expanded my belief system as to how to monetize a blog with integrity, and valued self-worth. 3. An acquaintance that turns anything she touches creatively into gold. These three very powerful women were my massive “seeing is believings” that expanded my belief system and led me to this point.

2.     Jumping Off a Cliff - It took jumping off the cliff of fear and judgment by putting out my Manifestation work regardless of how incredibly afraid I was to do so, because I knew that SO many would benefit from it as I have. I grew up in a very conservative town where I’m sure I’m already considered an alien, and I was deathly afraid of what people would think of me after releasing this into the world. It’s very rewarding to have the very same people that I feared judging me seeking my guidance now.

3.     Raising Self Worth - In order to attract my current conscious partnership, home, and pursuit of the family future that I deeply desired, I had to very be fearless and leave my six year relationship at 30 that had a lot of what I desired, but also a lot of what I didn’t desire. And because it was a beautiful person with the most incredible family (that had become my family), that was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. But it was just as right for him. Therefore, I was instantly met with my exact list after.

4.     Money Formula – my income – which continues to expand by expanding my portals – is directly related to my very specific manifestation formula around money. This has a lot to do with “seeing is believing”, tithing, doing the work to shift deeply imbedded lack programming, and a few other steps.

Most important, and worth noting, is that each of these steps were also met with loads of specific and effective personal work to target and shift the blocks (programming, low self worth, limiting beliefs, and so forth).

More lists to come. It takes a lot of courage to share this vulnerable and exposed window into my own personal process. But I believe that they are equally as encouraging to keep you on track and Manifesting.

If anyone else is looking to complete their personal list, I look forward to connecting over a session.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips