A Fuck You Fund • Manifestation


This is a post about just that – a fuck you fund. Manifestation hinges on three bold principals: clarity, beliefs, and aligned self-worth with what you have listed. My manifestation formula is different than others, for when they say “get into the vortex” or “raise your vibration”, unknowingly what they actually mean is grow your self-worth and The Universe unites you with your clear intention.

Because this formula is belief based, rather than thought, we tend to project our inner beliefs – usually picked up between the ages of 0-14 – and recreate countless relationship dynamics and situations that we incurred during those ages, which I refer to as patterns. Therefore, to act on this manifestation work accordingly, I myself always have, and encourage my clients to always have, a fuck you fund.

This fund isn’t a convoluted concept, it is your ticket to freedom, trusting in The Universe with more ease, and it’s your insurance when you need to take yourself out of a little situation to clear space for the big situation you desire.


A “live-in relationship where you aren’t respected, or you’re taken advantage of, or simply it isn’t serving your highest version of realized self” fund.

            You’d want a fund that supports the first and last month of a new home as well as the deposit, based on your area’s market.

A “job you are disrespected in, not paid your worth, awful boss, or have grown out of” fund.

            You’d want a fund in the sum of six months pay.

A home that you rent that isn’t a positive space for you, has a terrible landlord, or is keeping you small.

            You’d want a fund that supports the first and last month of a new home as well as the deposit, based on your area’s market.

I need to get away to Big Sur to ground, cleanse, and focus on me fund.

            You’d want a fund somewhere between $400-2,000.

A "My father-in-law is treating me poorly over the holidays once again, so I’m buying a ticket home and creating boundaries" fund.

            You’d want a solid $1,000.

You get the idea.  Personally, I aim for a savings of $15-20,000 for rainy days, and a lot of fuck yous, which constantly fuel my manifestations. Maybe $200 feels good for you, maybe $70,000. Wherever you are in your personal finance journey, be sure to start this fund today. Do know that anytime you jump off a cliff of fear in honor of the betterment of you, and raising your self-worth, you are instantly magnetic. I see this happen, every time, without fail.

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