During this Hallmark holiday of love, while so many are putting a lot of emphasis on chocolates, gifts, fancy dinners and so forth, I like to take this time to focus on the power of forgiveness, deeper connection to oneself (or relationships), and calling love into one’s life. 

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we hold in our spiritual toolbox.  Judgment, anger, hurt, frustration, envy, jealousy, and any other low vibrational feelings can come together and form deep blocks (stagnant energy). And clearing that energy out to make space for positive feelings of love, joy, and happiness are not as far away as you might imagine.  Here is a very quick and simple meditation on forgiveness.  Use it as often as you need.  And use it toward anyone or anything that has hurt you (slightly or greatly).  Consider this your tiny spiritual forgiveness bath.  One that offers you a lot of abundance in return.

A Meditation on Forgiveness

Sit quietly in a sacred space.  Breath in and out.  Slowing your breath down and centering yourself into a meditative state.  Once you’ve arrived, focus on your third eye.  Fill it with the color green, and slowly let the people and places into your mind's eye that have hurt you.  Take the time to fill that person or place with light (green or pink).  And realize that they acted from their own place of fear and programming.  Take this moment to see this person or place with compassion – realizing that their actions and energy toward you really had nothing to do with you at all.  Keep filling them with the color light of your choice.  Once they are full, slowly and peacefully let them drift away from you into the sky.  Until they are no longer present in your life.  Finish this meditation with the mantra, “I wish for you to reach your highest and greatest goals in life.” 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips