Partnerships, especially ones that are safe spaces for two people to align – emotionally and energetically - is a very special energetic bond and vibration.  When blocks are removed, and fearlessness, abundance, love, and belief – with vision – replace lack, jealousy, anxiety and resentment, in unison, utter magic flows in.

Manifestation requires a tremendous amount of focus, clarity, and fearlessness. So when we find ourselves in partnerships, the process of manifestation requires the two parties to be on the same page vibrationally, with clarity, and commitment.  When two people seek abundance, calling forth a new home, job, city, goals, cash flow… it is important that both partners are in complete vibrational aligment magnetizing these goals. However, when one party has done the work, and the other party still harbors deep vibrational roots of lack, low self-worth, resistance and limiting thoughts, then this creates blocks - slowing the unit from receiving their manifested intentions. 

It isn’t uncommon in partnerships for one or both partners to be vibrationally out of alignment when it comes to calling in subjects.  Where one partner is abundant and fearless, another can live in lack and worry.  Where one is confident and extroverted, another can have deeply rooted insecurities and low self-worth.  I personally have been in multiple relationships where I’ve partnered with the logical person that didn’t believe that they had control over their reality, or that they deserved what they dreamed about, and most importantly that they had the power to shift their future.  And though I’ve always manifested with precision and speed, these partnerships certainly created blocks and slowed down the process for what I was personally calling in.

During this weekend that celebrates love and partnership, take inventory to see if both of you are vibrating, without resistance, in unison.  Here are a few tips to get you on track.

GOALS | have a conversation pertaining to the goals you two would like to achieve this year.  Is it creating a more positive community? Calling in abundance and monetary flow? Initiating the conversation about a move you’d like to make? Attracting different jobs? Something as simple as calling in a housekeeper to take pressure and weekly resentment off the of the relationship? Whatever it may be, communicate to see each other’s vision clearly.

INVENTORY | both of you should take personal inventory.  Does the other partner’s goals create fear or doubt in you?  Do you think their dream and goals are too big, unattainable, or living in the clouds?  If so, where do these limiting thoughts stem from?  Did someone not believe in your goals or thought your dreams were too big growing up?  Does your partner’s goal(s) give you anxiety and worry, or do you fear that these dreams might take them away from you?  Do you have a lot of fear surrounding money?  Never enough?  Whatever it is, see what feelings come up.

LIMITLESS | start to take the limits and fears off.  Start to operate, as a unit, from a place of fearlessness by realizing that these fears, anxieties, doubts, lack, and low self-worth are not your reality (unless you commit to continue in believing they are).  If you have tools to dissolve old programming, and to bring you both into that space of fearlessness and concrete belief in your new story, make sure that you are both doing the work to operate from this energetic space.

If you’re needing help navigating the process of uncovering these root blocks, finding micro-clarity in unified goals, and in need of the tools (individually as well as a unit) to stay in vibrational alinment with your manifested subject(s), I’ve now opened my Manifestation Couple sessions up to my community. 

Regardless of how you arrive, fearless vibrational alignment and micro-clarity on unified goals is your relationship superpower place of operation.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips