Expanded x Ep. 38: Amanda Blair

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“I think when you get tired of your own bullshit is when change can really start to come.”

Today's episode is with one of my very first clients, Amanda Blair. Amanda is now an attachment style relationship coach, who really understands the manifestation process. If today’s episode resonates with you and if you're looking for somebody to work with in the relationship and partnership space, I highly recommend Amanda.

In our conversation today, Amanda and I talk about patterning and becoming more self-aware, what it was like for her to work with me on her manifestations, and how she’s doing now in her own coaching business and in life. Amanda is such a magnetic and worthy woman, and it’s been such an incredible experience watching her grow and expand.

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Words from Amanda:

“I think when you get tired of your own bullshit is when change can really start to come.”

“Because I've done all this work and because I was researching it, I’m now able to see this isn't me, this isn't my truth, this is my attachment theory that was created when I was zero to seven.”

“I've seen enough not work out in the moment to see something else better work later.”

“It's very affirming to be, now, surrounded with women who speak this language, who do this work, and who can support me in this work.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What led Amanda to working with Lacy

  • Blocks that reshaped Amanda

  • The life changing trip Amanda took

  • Receiving clarity through dreams

  • Tests Amanda went through while dating again

  • Discovering attachment theory

  • Being “just friends”

  • Hitting more rock bottoms outside of dating

  • Strengthening your nervous system

  • Magnetic village meetups

  • The work that Amanda is doing while in her magic dark

  • How Amanda supports her clients


Where to find Amanda Blair:

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