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Oh, that token old Q! I see this in my practice all of the time. "The universe is playing cruel tricks on me!" It's not!! I promise. This is actually a really good thing and it shows that you are making progress/and very close. 

Another example of this is when you find your manifestation but it's not quite right. I had one of my dearest clients in on Friday who said, "nothing is happening. I'm not manifesting anything." Then throughout the session, she let me know that she tried a material item like the F&M workshop suggests. A jacket and an apartment. The jacket was sold out everywhere and couldn't be found. Then while in another state, randomly by chance, in the store, she saw one of the saleswomen with the exact jacket slumped over her arm. But the jacket was a size too big. 

THEN, she found her apartment. EVERYTHING on her list. She was the first applicant. It was perfect. But the landlord called her the next day only to say that she decided that she is going to tear it down instead of renting it. My client went on to say in the session, "nothing is happening. It's like The Universe is playing tricks on me." 

And in my heart, I'm dying inside because this shows that she's so close and has made fantastic progress. Click play below to find out why! Hint...



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So a question I've been getting is, "What happens when I'm manifesting what I thought I wanted but it's not sticking? I'm feeling shame, rejection or disappointed, or the universe is taking something away from me," and what's actually happening is you're not manifesting your thing, you've actually received and expander that also might be encased as a test as well. So just take a deep breath because there's nothing wrong with you, you've basically manifested in something that's going to show your subconscious that what you want is possible and it exists in the world. It's actually a really beautiful thing, when these things come into your life because it means that the universe is working with you and it is trying to align you with what you want.

So, if you can reframe that and start to look at it from that perspective of, "Oh, it's a gift. It's close to what I want, it means my things on its way but it had to come to show me that that's possible, to show my subconscious." Because one of the elements if your thing isn't here, it means you're not that expanded or you're not fully expanded yet. But I like to say that it's usually encased as a test for the most part, there are exceptions. So what that can look like is if you have a person come through, you've been manifesting a partner and it's your whole list and everything you thought you wanted but they want an open relationship, or, I don't know, whatever the reasons are in the dating scene these days. It's your expander but it's also here to test your worth, making sure you're not going to settle for something no matter how shiny the package looks because two things are going to happen. One, you're going to learn a lesson, which is the beauty of manifesting and being a human. Or two, I should say and two, you're probably going to be rejected, so that's why shame can come up when this is going on. 

But again, it's just testing your worth because when your thing does come through and your worth is high enough to align with it, your thing's going to feel like this, it's going to feel very easy, very effortless, no games. There will be growth and there will be lessons to go with it, but it will be simple. So it's actually a blessing if you're receiving stuff that you think is your list but it's not sticking or it's going away, be stoked, it's a really good thing. Your thing's on its way but your job is to be unblocking further, both in your physical life as well as in your subconscious, so that you can actually align with what you want and to keep expanding so that there's space for it to come through.


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