Self-care is something near and dear to my heart.  There was a time where I’d hear that term thrown around, but didn’t quite have a handle on what the concept truly embodied.  As of late, I’ve taken note of my rituals and realized that I finally completely and fully understand what it means for me.  My personal definition is defined as taking space to connect, love, heal, and nourish myself.

This past Friday evening I found myself particularly burnt out after a very intense and chaotic workweek.  One where I felt myself trying to catch up but always a step behind. So I cleared my evening schedule, turned my phone off, and dedicated the night to rituals. 

Feel free to use these as inspiration, a guide, or carve out your own.  But above all else, make an appointment with yourself at least once a week to fully and truly ground ground, nourish, cleanse, and recharge.

THETA WAVES | turn on binaural beats, and sit down to a quiet meditation. Take this time to dissolve anything from your body and mind that aren’t serving you. This one is especially restoring. 

KITCHARI | enjoy an incredibly nourishing and detoxifying traditional Ayurvedic meal that is easy for your body to digest.  It is also energetically know to help you connect with your higher spiritual path.

DETOX TEA | steep your favorite detoxifying tea, or make your favorite tonic.  Something nourishing and grounding.

ABHYANGA | indulge in a deeply nervous system restoring Ayurvedic self-massage.  And encourage detoxification through your lymphatic.

SPA | I always indulge in an at-home spa during times of self-care. Personally, the order goes as follows:

 + I brew a detoxifying tea.

+ Turn on binaural beats in my bathroom. 

+ Perform this facial (skin detoxification).

+ Trim and buff my nails. 

+ While the Sun Potion chlorella mask sets on my face, I run a very hot bath (adding 1 cup of Magnesium Flakes, 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil, 4 drops of patchouli), and perform the Abhyanga.  Then I hop in the bath for 20 minutes while I meditate.

JOURNAL | after I wrap my whole ritual, I finish with a five minute journaling session.  I take this time to investigate any feelings that have been coming up for me. 

SLEEP | and then I indulge in a very early and deeply restoring evening of sleep.   

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