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If you are a manifestor (which we all are whether we are conscious of it or not), a seemingly frustrating – but very magical – important component is being open to receiving what is meant for you, your highest good, and for the highest good of everyone. 

Manifestation isn’t about receiving the exact person you already know, or a home you love that isn’t even on the market.  It is about calling in the partner that harness your core values, or the home that inhabits your deepest desires, and being open to receiving the most divine person or home for you - even more suited for you than you could have imagined. 

Let’s get out our magnifying glass and inspect this further.  It’s best to get specific about what I'm saying so that we can truly grasp the essence.  For example, you are a lawyer and you are manifesting very specific career objectives.  Partner at your firm, x amount a year, and a high-profile win for press and career advancement.  But law has never truly lit you up.  You took the safe and responsible path, and you are checking all the boxes to achieve what society has laid out for you – all by the age of 40. If we were to dig deep into your core and subconscious, it’s actually photography that you’ve always had the most natural gift for.  Anytime you’re away from your practice or have leisure time, you’re taking photos, photography courses, gifting your work to loved ones, and traveling for the sake of a new photo series.  Photography is actually what I deem your “flow”.

When you aren’t united with your flow and you are living a path of resistance (usually out of fear and limited beliefs), you may find that you’ve been calling in specific subjects but they aren’t transpiring.  It’s very important to start investigating why.  How to look deeper at why subjects aren't transpiring, and to uncover your flow.

RIGHT FOR YOU | back off and ask yourself if what you’re manifesting is actually right for you?  I call them “core values”. This always comes up for my clients that are deeply wanting to manifest their committed partner, husband or wife, parent to their children, but for five minutes they tell me that they’d simply like to call in someone that is loyal, accepts them for who they are, casual, they have fun together.  I have to stop them and ask, are you seeking your committed partner or an experience to have fun with and learn from?  They get shy (with undeserving undertones) and say, “my committed life partner.”

You need to ask from your core. Not from what you think you’re supposed to ask for based on societal fears or pressures.  Are you truly asking for something that united with your flow? Something that you desire from your core? Or what you think you should be asking for?

HEAVY EMOTIONS | when you have heavy emotions riding on whether you obtain your goal or not, are these emotions heavy out of fear of not receiving? Take a good look at your fear of not receiving. This is usually an indicator that you need to back off and look within.  Investigate what is the actual essence inspiring you to ask for these subjects.

OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH | If these subjects aren’t coming your way, this is probably a great opportunity for growth.  One that will allow you to get to know yourself on a deeper level and to truly tap into your own authentic flow. Getting to the root of conflict (fear/blocks) is your biggest tool in learning what resistance and limiting thoughts you have. The universe may be showing you that something even more aligned and better for you (your flow), is the subject you need to be calling in.

At the end of the day, when you are connected with your flow, and you’ve done the work to dissolve blocks and resistance, what you want transpires divinely, quickly, and in alignment with your deepest core values.

Photo | Nitsa Citrine

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