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One incredibly important component to finding success when manifesting is understanding that we are here to serve.  Each of us came into this life with a very unique essence, soul journey, and purpose.  And many of us live a life that isn’t honoring our authentic being.

Our essence is that quality that walks into a room before us, our energetic authentic light. That special thing about a person that you can’t quite put your finger on. And it’s very specific. For example, one of my client’s essences is to heal. Her soul journey is to heal through her artwork, and her purpose (serving) is to make sure it reaches as many people as possible that have dealt with inequality and trauma.  My essence is "to inspire".  My soul purpose is to give my community and clients the tools they need to inspire better lives holistically so they can achieve their highest goals, and live in harmony.  And I’m serving through this blog and privately with clients.  Another client’s essence is to empower.  She’s suffered from ten years of illness, healed them through nutrition, and is serving by putting out a cookbook so others can do the same (soul purpose).

What is your essence?

What is your soul purpose?

How are you serving?

I’ve met with many clients that are living lives completely out of alignment with their authentic essence, soul purpose, and they aren’t serving. It’s rare that I meet a lawyer who’s essence is “justice”, and so they practice the specific law that is most important to them, and serve by taking the cases that truly need their specialty.  It’s common to meet the actress that is in that field for very superficial reasons.  Or the finance person that took the safe route in life. And the list goes on.  Out of alignment with soul purpose feels very much like wearing shoes your whole life that are a size too small. 

If someone is not living in flow with their authentic essence, and their soul purpose is not directly stemming from that essence (and, most importantly, they are not serving), then they are not in flow with the universe or manifesting.  When you lock into the flow, it’s very quick and obvious.  For instance, everything just starts attracting to you. Opportunities appear from thin air, and success is a natural force of nature that you don’t have to try very hard for.  When you’ve jumped off the cliff of comfort (trust) and are honoring your true essence, then you are in flow.  And when you’re in this flow and you've combined it with serving, the universe will make sure you have everything you need to reach as many people as possible. Financially, income is as much as you believe that you are worth. Life is as big as you believe it should be. And your every need is met.

Do you feel like life is kismet and moving this easily for you? If not, are you sure you’ve pinned down your true essence?  Are you really living out a career or relationships that are in alignment with your soul purpose?  And above all, are you serving?  Do you feel like you have a lot of blocks surrounding you rather than flowing energy of peace, abundance, fulfillment, and satisfaction?

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