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This one word, in my opinion, is the single most powerful word to expand one’s consciousness. The same way we’ve all been taught – in our spiritual evolution – that bringing our focus back to our breath is the single most powerful tool that instantly connects us with the present moment, why is the most powerful question we can all ask ourselves daily, momentarily, with each person, item, opportunity, relationship, belief, event, and thought we encounter in our lives.

Expanding consciousness, by no surprise to anyone, is one of the quickest ways to harness and fine-tune our manifesting abilities. For the more we eliminate excess, ego, wrongly motivated actions, relationships, jobs, thoughts, fears… from our lives, the quicker we re-align or align deeper with our flow.  Our flow is when, with very little effort, everything we need easily appears in our life to take us where we are divinely supposed to go. And sadly, we spend majority of our days, years, and life unconsciously zombie-ing around out of habit or conditioning/programming.

Why is applicable to all aspects of my life, and asked regularly. And when the deepest answer results in ego or fear, it’s time for me to course correct and grow.

Recent examples

I. Anytime I spend energy with a particular peer of mine, I always feel worse after. May it be that she is trying to one-up me in conversation, mother me, or psychically trespass, I never feel good after interacting with her. On the surface it appears that we have a loving exchange and that we should be friends due to sharing so many common interest and common community.

When I asked myself why I continue to swap energy with this particular peer, the truth that came to light was that I feel I’m supposed to, or that I feel I have to grow our friendship.  But I’ve played this game before, many times, and it’s not a useful or conscious relationship for either of us. And in fact, these types of friendships usually turn to rather energetically unhealthy ones. Truthfully, I make her very insecure and she doesn’t actually add any value, love, peace or growth to my life. 

And so I’ve made the very conscious choice to stop committing to group gatherings with the two of us, as well as create distance. Consciously drawing these energetic boundaries break the cycle of continuing to attract these energies in my life because I’m taking a fearless action that very clearly conveys to The Universe that I value myself enough to not accept toxic energy as friendship, for I deserve nothing but loving, co-inspirational, and supportive relationships. And I don’t fear losing this somewhat socially influential being in my life as there are plenty more evolved ones that will fill her space within my reality. Especially because my vibration is rising though action-steps towards self-worth.

II. Recently I’ve been restraining myself from walking into a dealership to buy a new car. Though I’m a huge advocate of this if it’s something one’s manifesting, when asking myself why I’d be doing it, it boils down to ego. Because I want to be considered more dignified through materialism (and this is a road I stopped traveling down years ago). Expressing myself through well-designed and sustainable materials, yes. Validate myself through materialism, no.

So I had to course correct from this “want”. I’ve consciously kept my paid off car for three years now to allow myself ultimate creative and entrepreneurial freedom so I’d never have to work on anything that isn’t 100% inspiring to me. And even though I’m at a financial position where I needn’t worry about that much anymore, I’d rather invest my income monthly towards my greater manifestation - my goal of having my investments and cash-flow pay for my existence and luxuries.  When my car runs into the ground, then it very much makes sense to pop out and buy a new one.

These are two very simple examples, though I ask why over much more complex or much simpler subjects throughout the day. Regardless, I ALWAYS ask why. It is the quickest tool to put me on track with living in my 100% authentic flow.

And we can lie to ourselves all day long. But the only person we’re inhibiting are ourselves.  Whatever you do, ask why? If ego and fear come up, put one foot in front of the other to course correct. 

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