Coconut Turmeric Mylk

I’m back from Mexico. Enter heartbreak emoji here. Though my Aquarius sun LOVES being on the go, free, and experiencing new sensations, my Capricorn moon CRAVES routine, consistency and work. So the heartbreak emoji is only half true. The moment we landed, we got back into the swing of our eating habits by rushing right to Inaka to scarf down all things macrobiotic.

Then yesterday I woke up at 4:50a (two hours ahead on Mexico City time), meditated, headed to the gym, made bone broth, raw coconut mylk, an herbal infusion, kitchari, sprouted Quinoa to have in the fridge for the week, and got down to business (with a lot of time wasted on snapchat – which I’m confident that I’m addicted to – in between). At last, after the day wrapped, my Capricorn moon was finally satisfied that I was back into my ritual with a fridge of prepped food for the week and some business done. 

Because the rest of the week ahead is packed with clients, I was over the moon to get the time to put together this turmeric mylk to enjoy in-between manifestation sessions.  Omica put out a new liquid turmeric extract, so turmeric mylk literally couldn’t be easier for all of us that don’t have the time to press fresh turmeric each time we crave mylk, and for those of us that don’t want to use the powder.


a facial in a cup


2 Thai coconuts

3 full droppers of Omica Liquid Turmeric

2 tbls Tocos

2 pinches of ground cardamon

4 dashes of cinnamon

4 drops stevia

PROCESS | open the coconuts.  Drain water into blender. Scrape all the meat into blender. Add all other ingredients in the blender. Blend for 1 minutes. Pour into jar and keep in fridge to sip on whenever your heart desires. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips