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We all have limiting beliefs in one capacity or another (many more than we're even aware of), and when we're continuing to reinforce them on loop, we feel small (anxious, inferior, lack, fear).

For instance, If you're a woman, it's nearly impossible to not feel small about one aspect of your body (if not many). Media has created the "perfect" body with zero room to be authentic or age, so it's nearly impossible to not feel small in some or many areas. That just brings awareness to an obvious example that most women can relate to. Whether they are conscious of it or not. (And it's very important to do the work to break that programming). 

BUT we feel small sometimes moment to moment on any give day. And we learned on Monday that this is purely 100% our fault. For only we can make ourselves feel small. Nobody else. They are simply a reflection of the small beliefs that you've projected and are now playing out with everyone else. 

some short examples of feeling small

i. having to go meet up with a vague acquaintance that you feel inferior to based on their "success", "financial wealth", "education", "beauty", etc. 

ii. putting your self-worth into your partners hands. When they are into you, or compliment you, or put you on a pedestal, you feel validated. But when they are focussed on their work, self, or anything else, you feel worthless. 

iii. after engaging in minor conflict.

iv. when outside validations aren't validating you (social media likes, recognition at work, compliments, inclusion in events). 

v. waking up generally feeling very small (which does stem from somewhere, so get to the bottom of it). 

These are a few examples of MANY in one's life. Small is small. However, you can energetically take up space when you feel small. 


here is a tool to temporarily take up space - especially when you are interacting with another person or situation. 

first, do a List of Awareness on what is making you feel small. Once you get to the root and find your new logical truth, carry on to the next step.

Second, I want you to ask yourself, "what would I be like if I didn't actually believe in the belief that makes me feel small? What would I look like? How would I hold my body? How would I conduct myself? Speak? What would I do for myself in all the free time I now have, for I'm not pressuring myself to jump through hoops to please other people? Or exhausting all this energy to make them see me in the illusion I've created out of my untrue beliefs and programming?"

Third, once you have a very firm and clear picture of what you, in this new truth, would move like, look like, sound like, operate like, I want you to close your eyes and visualize this version of you for a minute or so. Then I want you to visualize this version of you taking up a lot of space in a small room. I want you to do this by visually seeing yourself sprawled out on a couch confidently and powerfully. Stretch this version of you as far and comfortably as possible. Hold this feeling and sight for a minute. Now open your eyes.

Lastly, before heading to this event or to engage with this person or situation, that you make yourself feel small around, I want you to make the conscious promise to yourself that you won't jump through one hoop (in conversation, energetically, physically, anything).  Even if it feels incredibly uncomfortable because you normally finish people's sentences, or offer to do something for them, or whatever great length you go to to please others. I need you to not do it.  This is you taking up space and allowing them to meet you in the middle. Allowing yourself to stretch and feel your power.

Photo | Juliette Favat

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