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Consciousness and awareness are two of the greatest gifts we have as human beings. Because at any moment, we can step out of the rat race that society has created for us and we can tap into exactly what makes us happy. We’ve each received a lot of conditioning from family, society, media and self-expectation of how we should be living our life.  But more often than not, we end up anxious and unhappy because we aren’t living life from our own personal place of value. This is why it is important to get clear about your own personal happiness map.

Navigating your personal happiness map

VALUES | determine your personal values of happiness. Narrow them down to three things and list them from importance. Mine are freedom, travel, then family. My values are freedom – meaning working remotely and being free to do absolutely whatever I want all day everyday for the rest of my life. Travel – experiencing new cultures and then bringing back all the inspiration I absorbed and then incorporating it into my life excites me beyond belief (food, textiles, ceramics, colors, lifestyle). Family – I’ve always known that I wanted to start my family around the age of 31 and I’ve wanted to be a present mother that travels the world with my family.

Another’s could be art, philanthropy, then travel.  Another’s could be work, party, then rest. Everyone varies.

ELIMINATE | eliminate ALL the fluff that doesn’t support your values. This goes for objects, clutter, stimulation, food, relationships, pastimes, jobs; etc. And only you can decide what the fluff is. Here are my personal examples.

So, in order to satisfy my free life, I manifested the most incredible inexpensive space in Echo Park that absorbs very little of my money (freedom). I paid off my car years ago so that I could be an entrepreneur and traveler (freedom). I paid off all of my debt, invest monthly, and put the rest into savings to travel (freedom now, and future freedom).  I don’t have any fluff in my space. No cable, excess electronics, cheap items. If I haven’t worn it in 6 months, it gets donated to the homeless. And I keep zero clutter for it creates more free space in my home (freedom).

As soon as I got those in order and eliminated the fluff, I asked the universe for clarity. To show me my perfect job that would honor all of my values - namely freedom and something that would give me space to be a present mother - and I was given the message to start this blog. Then I manifested my ultimate partner with very similar values, which will lead to the family portion.

GENERAL RULES | for navigating your happiness map. Less is always more. Quality over quantity, always. Ego will always lead you in the wrong direction.

WHY | the most important step of all.  Dig and ask yourself why you are living a certain way and placing importance on certain values (substantial or superficial). I can tell you this from experience - personally and through clients' experiences - if your values fall into, or near, the realms of famous, rich, respected, you are most likely living a life someone else wants for you (i.e. parents), proving something to people other than yourself, trying to impress people that once rejected you, living from a place of fear, or seeking to be loved (from all the wrong places). This is a very clear map to unhappiness.

That’s why it’s important to dig.  Do I really want a, b, and c? Or am I in pursuit of it because it’s what I’ve been programmed to want? If it's the latter, do some List of Awareness work. 

I see this a lot in my manifestation sessions. A client is wanting to manifest a certain job but not quite sure why it isn’t coming to them. It’s usually a job for security but not towards their passion (essence). And it’s usually to a road that detours from their happiness map. Why is the most powerful tool we have towards consciousness and uncovering what authentically makes us truly happy.

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