Five Summer Travel Tips

Lately I’ve been on the go (basically for the past six months). So I’m constantly refining my travel regime; though, now I feel like I have the highlights down to a bit of a science. I’m currently in Florence, Italy, which many of you know through Snapchat. Here are the ins and outs of my important travel tips to – and during - NYC and Italy.

i. I prefer to stay at an Airbnb. NYC food is so sodium rich that I wake up every morning with a hangover. So, the luxury of being able to cook two meals a day, make infusions, start with morning warm lemon waters… is much more maintainable and in control when staying in a home away from - with a kitchen.

ii. I eat two-three hours before hopping flight. Because digestion comes to a halt in the air, it’s important that I’ve eaten food that will satiate for me the long haul, but won’t sit and ferment (rot) in my stomach.

iii. This brings me to BYOF. If the flight is going to be more than four hours, I always bring my own food to avoid airplane food. I usually shoot for easy to digest salads or kitchari.

iv.  Enzymes, marshmallow root, and bitters. I ALWAYS travel with digestive aids. Because I cook so much at home, my digestion is used to the cleanest, purest foods accessible. So when I fly, I always take these helpers. If I’m in an Airbnb, I’ll pick up fermented veggies to keep in the fridge. I always keep some Urban Moonshine bitters in my purse to take a dropper before a meal. And if I know the meal will be extra lathered in oils, fats, or proteins, I’ll also take a digestive enzyme prior. This keeps my sleep, immunity, hormones, skin, and movements on track.

The phenomenal NYC healer, Chloe Garcia Ponce, also suggested that I take one marshmallow root capsule post meal while traveling. 

v. The products that I can’t live without, on travels, are: magnesium oil (for anxiety and regular digestion), shea butter (for body and face), Epsom salt (detoxification and regular digestion), eye mask (to be able to sleep anywhere), and mineral rich herbs for tea infusions!

vi.  Lastly, I practice LOADS of Vedic meditation to combat jet lag. It really is mind blowing how much it takes it away!

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