Peaks & Valleys


Those of us that manifest often realizes that the big stuff can come in waves. The wave is usually high. When something large one has been manifesting materializes, a lot of little magical things usually show up with it. That’s because we’re ultra happy in those moments, completely trusting in The Universe, and all of that energy combined makes us very magnetic.

But what about the lows? If one has been manifesting forever, they realize that another wave is coming soon. But what about those that are new to manifestation and are still learning how to strengthen their trust muscle towards The Universe? What’s going on during these low moments, or “valleys” if you will? Don’t worry, your magic hasn’t run out. Your superpowers don’t have an expiration date. There are a few options of what is going on during this time.  

CREATIVE SPACE | usually this is a moment of creative space. You are literally taking space to form deeper clarity. Like every cycle and season, there is always a period in which we get cozy with ourselves and go inward. This allows us to tap into our intuition completely uninterrupted, fade the exterior noise out, and ask The Universe and ourselves exactly what we want.

DO : Intuitively, if this is you, you’ll be in this “valley” for a looooooonnnnngggg time. If you don’t put your ego in check and start tapping into what your heart really wants and why, what you are asking for won’t show up. As physical beings on the physical plane, I believe (and know through countless manifested things) that it’s our divine right to receive anything we need and want – IF IT’S FROM OUR HEART. There’s a big difference between wanting to manifest a trip to Iceland because you long to experience the glaciers before they are gone - or to sit in the healing springs with your loved one to connect more deeply – than wanting to go because your ex-went and now you want to show everyone on social media how cool you are.

Ditch manifesting from ego. It never works. And you’ll be waiting for a long time.

DO : If this is intuitively you, it means that you have stopped trusting The Universe and you’re not fearlessly taking leaps of faith, and doing the work. This can be a lot of new manifestors, and they need guidance to stay on track.

DOING THE WORK | everyone on here knows by now that thoughts don’t dictate what shows up in your life. Beliefs do. A lot of us don’t know how small our beliefs – especially pertaining to beliefs of self and self-worth – truly are. Until you begin doing the work to expand your beliefs and self-worth, you will stay in a plateau zone. However, the moment you start doing the work, you automatically begin shifting up and creating new energy.

DO : Again, those that are new to manifestation or don’t quite know what their limiting beliefs, lack, patterns, cycles, and low-self worth are, they need guidance to shift this up. And to learn how to dance with The Universe during this period.

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Photo | Juliette Favat

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