Honoring the Equinox


At last, this Thursday, we are met with the Fall Equinox – one day before mercury goes direct. This is a very rhythmic week where we can step back from the hustle of our daily lives, and hold space for the shifting season. Here are many ways you can honor this natural and beautiful cycle of autumn and the sacred threshold of Autumn Equinox.

DEATH & SADNESS | The Chinese believe that autumn is a time for death and sadness (unlike that of winter, which is rest). Death and sadness are two very important cycles and feelings to honor. The leaves will begin to die and the length of sun, which is an optimal time for certain non-serving aspects of self, goals, life, and work to die. Death must happen before renewed, fresh, new energy can grow.

After these massive eclipses, we’ve all probably had some death on our hands. Relationships that ended or need to end, jobs, living situations, and parts of our self as we knew ourselves. Let them go with grace and gratitude. Just as the trees and plants always blossom again, so will you. Death creates space for new. Are there areas of your life you’ve been forcing life into that need to die? Now is the time. Be gentle and allow this beautiful flow.

Mourn! I am giving you permission this season to feel the feelings of sadness and let them ride through you. Allowing space to cry or whatever rituals you have around sadness is encouraged this season. Maybe it’s movies in pj’s and delivery. Maybe it’s a solo weekend in nature, or maybe it’s holding space for yourself in meditation. Whatever it may be, do not spiritual bypass any sadness brewing. For when you allow it to complete and be seen, it passes and creates space for new. When you push it down to “be positive”, it is stuck energy that can show up in illness, blocks in manifestation, extra weight, relationship disconnection, and many more ways. Mourn!

WEST | Autumn is also the direction of west in both Native American and Ancient Chinese cultures. Thursday will be a great day to face west under the rising sun (or any point of the day) to give thanks for the new season. It’s also a time to give over these aspects of self that are dying, dead, or in morning to the sun (Father Sky or The Universe), so that he/it can assist you in carrying your troubles away.

WHITE | Ancient Chinese cultures associated the color white with fall. It is a beautiful time to wear white, burn natural candles, and adorn the house with white flowers and linens.

CLEARING & INVITING | whether you choose to gather in group on Thursday or honor the equinox on you own, it was a day that Natives would give their homes and self a good smudging. This is wonderful with white sage. Then they would burn sweetgrass to invite the “sweetness” of community and new season.

They also honored the water, birds, earth, snakes, wind, willow trees, and rabbits – all connected to the fall. This is a great reminder that animals, water, and the earth’s wellbeing are just as important as human life. None is above the other.

NATURE | media marketing have programmed into us what should signify “autumn” such as pumpkin lattés and pumpkin spiced candles.

I encourage each of us to turn to nature, evenings, and colors to signify autumn. They are the true beacons of change. Cool evenings, amber and earth tone colors, and a general feeling of turning inward hold the key to tuning into this new cycle we are embarking on.

I often find myself bringing in wood elements, rocks, and tan plants from the beach (and hikes) home to ground my space. I find burnt browns, tans, florals and oranges in my wardrobe, and darker rouge on my cheeks. It all just naturally happens.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips