As women, we are natural nurtures. That comes with a lot of overcompensation and insecurity surrounding the word “no.” I’ve had this very topic come up quite a bit in my daily life, in the lives of my clients, and most recently at my workshop on Sunday evening. It’s quite common for women to have a shaky relationship with declining, especially pertaining to aspects of their lives that are most precious to them.

The natural cycle of fall - gracing us with it’s presence this week - is very much a time that we will feel a pull to go inward. And the most powerful way to honor this time is by honoring your wellbeing, emotions, space, and self-worth above all else. There is no greater tool for this than the sheer capacity to say no.

Do we lie? How do we set boundaries? Do we simply ignore? Why is it so hard saying no? The truth is this is a pretty universal hardship. Here are a few tips and reads to strengthen your relationship with “no.”

TRUTH | though it is one of the hardest things do, it is usually the best policy. Rejecting someone, an event, collaboration, or something is very hard, but I’ve honestly found no better policy. I’m still working on this myself.

GRACE | when dealing truth, grace and kindness tend to be the smoothest route.

INTUITION | will never lead you astray. Fear will. The difference is something you simply know and feel. When you’re intuitive flag goes off that no is the way to go, follow it. You’ll waste a lot less time.

MANIFESTATION | nothing will make one more magnetic that learning to say no for one’s greater good. This is a direct communication with The Universe that you needn’t settle for less, and you trust that The Universe is sending exactly what you need and have asked for.


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