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I did some simmering last week and realized one of my biggest lures down this path of manifestation was the gift of hitting the lowest of lows, even rock-bottom, at certain points in my life. They allowed me to face some of my biggest fears, therefore the unknown of “what if blank happens” no longer controlled or ruled me.

The old lyric, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” couldn’t be truer. And rock-bottom(s) were the biggest gifts for a freedom obsessed Aquarius like me. More importantly, in way of Manifestation, they give new perspective on how much extra wiggle room one has when gambling (trusting) with The Universe. 

I’ve hit quite a few rock bottoms. And I’m so grateful that I faced them.

- All money running out with nobody to fall back on, and learning that something “magical” always comes through during those times.  

- A deep love completely abandoning me when all my self-worth was wrapped up in them, which taught me that I could never put my self-worth in the hands of another. And that I’m perfectly powerful and strong alone.  

- Bottom feeding, soul-sucking jobs firing me, and having a better job magically come through after. 

The truth is that rock-bottom makes us face our biggest fears, and they give us the strength to realize that those fears don’t have any control over us. They teach us how strong we truly are. And they give us A LOT of extra leeway (trust) to play with, with The Universe.

When I meet a client that is nearing or has gone through a rock bottom, I fill up with joy, because I know – with my whole heart – that they are about to become liberated and strong beyond their wildest imagination.

I often write on here about strengthening one’s trust muscle. Each time a subject is realized -  the bigger and more kismet – then one’s manifestation muscle gets stronger and stronger. This means that they trust The Universe more and more explicitly, with very little doubt.

Rock-bottom – once one has dusted themselves off and found their footing again – evokes the same energetic sentiment. Their threshold of fear, pertaining to that one subject in their life, is much lower than it used to be, therefore they are able to dance with The Universe and gamble with it with grit, confidence, and trust.

Rock-bottoms are legitimately the biggest tests from The Universe. They are testing our trust, while simultaneously forcing us to break past our fears and grow our self-worth.

So for anyone that might be close to, or on the other side of a rock-bottom, I’d love for you to thank The Universe, and uncover these two things:

What was the lesson?

Where do I need to grow my self-worth and expand my beliefs so this doesn't show up again?

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