Last week, the episode of THE LIFE STYLIST aired in which Luke Storey interviews me. I dropped some pretty keynotes to my process, formula, and the work that I do with my clients. These are worth noting in your manifestation journal. If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen, or if some of this seems fuzzy, I highly suggest that you re-listen to it now. It also happens to be one of my favorite podcasts.  


Here are just a few nuggets that you’ll find in there.  

i. Manifestation is easy; we’re complicated. We have to UNBLOCK our limiting self-worth (on a subconscious level) that are preventing us from aligning with what we are calling in. 

ii.    Ego is the shadow, which is the unconscious mind. It was medicine in childhood, but it needs to be cracked down, integrated and expanded to manifest. 

iii.    Spiritual bypass - think happy, turn a beautiful song on the radio, visualize - doesn’t do you any good because you have low self-worth and deep seeded beliefs in the subconscious, and this is why you aren’t manifesting. Negativity is your compass to show you where the root of it is, so don’t shy away from it. 

iv.    Saying NO (for the betterment of yourself). Not accepting less than what you’re worth creates the most situational magnetism. The moment that you jump off of a cliff and trust that a higher power has your back because you’re getting closer to integrating, you will watch many things attracting to you. Energetically saying no through actions is even more critical that the communication around it. 

v.    Settling for what’s available rather than holding out for what you’re worth, The Universe is automatically going to test your worth the next time you begin calling in your next manifestation in that category (a test to see if you learned your lesson). 

vi.    We have to expand our beliefs. Our structure of belief in the subconscious (the prehistoric brain), is formed from the ages of 0-14. What witnessed during this time is the encompassing of its structure. Therefore, it projects out precisely those beliefs of possibility. To create space for our manifestations to come through, we must expand into them. We learn through mirror neurons by seeing what other people accomplish and that it’s possible for us.  

vii.    Once someone is in alignment in worth and expanded on a subconscious level, they begin to unite with their manifestation. 

viii.    The frequency of money is directly equatable to subconscious self-worth. 

ix.    Everything outside of us is a projection of our subconscious beliefs. We aren’t victims. There is something that I’M projecting at a low self-worth capacity; therefore I’m attracting a mirror that is shining a light on where I have limited worth on a subconscious level, to show what needs shifting.

x.    You can’t manifest from ego = as material beings on the material plane, we deserve anything we materially desire. But we can’t desire things to complete us externally. It can’t be to validate you. 

xi.    Ask the universe to show you. Signs, which I also refer to as pings, tend to come in threes, and they sound a little bit louder. This is divine guidance from The Universe. It’s communicating the answer to your questions. 

xii.    Often when you’re sitting on a gift that you know you need to put into the world, and you’re ready but afraid, The Universe will sometimes dry up your resources to force you to do it. Like pushing a bird out of the nest.  

To hear the expansion on these quotes (and examples), make sure to listen to the podcast episode. 

Otherwise, you can begin shifting your subconscious low self-worth in the current UNBLOCKED Inner Child

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