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The two most important elements of manifesting with my formula are targeting limited subconscious beliefs and reprogramming their projection. The second is Expanding the structure of beliefs imprinted from the ages of 0-14 in ratio to what we are calling in – in order to create space for it to come through.

What does this mean?

A very simple example: Say that your soul’s purpose has always been art. You’ve taken classes since you were young. You majored in fine art in undergrad and got your masters in it as well. But you grew up with two parents that were also into the arts and failed. They never had any success at it. They always had to have their 9-5 jobs to raise you, and they put their art on the back-burner. Or worse yet, say you grew up with two parents that were professionals and always put art down by saying that it’s a “hobby”. And, “it’s time to get serious about what you want to do that can support you.”

Based on this example, you can try and try and try to be a successful artist: however, you’re still running on the subconscious learning that art is a hobby. Therefore, there isn’t any space for true success and momentum to come through.

You must go and learn how to open your subconscious mind of belief through completely immersing yourself around successful artist. The way we expand is through mirror neurons. Do you know that our retina is actually attached to the brain and it is the first processor of the brain? That is why expanding is so successful.

We learn through mirror neurons our entire life. We see to believe in order to know what our reality parameters are. The beauty of this is that you can show it new beliefs and potentials at any point; however, you must be immersed in it. And the more that you identify with and relate to the people around you, the quicker you expand.

You want to manifest something? Make sure that the eight people you’re surround yourself with already have what you want. Maybe it’s a type of relationship, a type of success, a type of esteem and relationship with yourself, a material thing, acts of service, massive travel. Why is it so important to be surrounded by what you want? Because your brain will unconsciously register the specific approachable ways in which the people around you achieved what they have and it will then believe that it’s possible for you (expanding the limited structure of beliefs through childhood to create space for your manifestations to land). Literally through seeing is believing.

Say that your goal in manifestation is to create a life of passive income so that you can always follow your passions and never work for anyone else again. Then you better be surrounding yourself around people that have passive income supporting them. From friends that are multiple property owners to ones that have invested well and live off of their interest. It’s only natural that you will start believing that it’s possible for you through conversations, then gravitating to books that teach you how, then meeting their financial advisors or lenders, to hearing about opportunities …

If it’s a functional, incredibly successful relationship you’re calling in, spend a lot less time with the couples that continue to reinforce dysfunctional relationships in your subconscious, and begin spending a lot more time with the people that are in successful ones so you can reprogram your subconscious. Even if you only have a sliver of a person in your life that has one. When you begin expanding through interacting with them, naturally more will start showing up.

This goes for social media, TV, books you’re reading; etc. Anything that is sinking into your subconscious has the potential to expand it or continue to reinforce its contracted structure of belief. Unfollow those that don’t have what you want, and follow ones that do. If you are wondering how to reprogram your subconscious, TV is an incredible place for expanders because when you’re watching it, you’re already in a hypnotic state, therefore It’s sinking into the subconscious much quicker. Same with reading. Watch shows or documentaries with the people who already have or are already doing what you want.

A few things worth noting. Your expanders must be people that have what you want, are happy with it, and successful at it. Expanders are everywhere. Start immersing yourself.  This is why the manifestation spiritual bypass model of visualizing doesn’t do anything. Especially when you continue to orbit the same way in your life reinforcing contracted structures of belief.

Once you’ve created space, you’re only other obstacles are reprogramming the subconscious beliefs of unworthiness attached to what you want, and passing tests that come your way!

We are tackling limiting beliefs which are all picked up in childhood in UNBLOCKED Inner Child, and the full process in the MAGNETISM workshop


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