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As we all gear up for the New Year ahead, I wanted to share something close to my heart. I know many of you read the testimonials from clients and UNBLOCKERS about rapidly manifesting their subjects. But it's very important to talk about the journey as well. For it took me quite a bit of time to gather clarity, which finally set me on my path to living in my full truth and dream career today. A lot of time in fact. And a lot of struggle. A lot of shitty jobs. A lot of shitty dating experiences... a lot of________ (fill in the multiple blanks).

I can still vividly remember sitting on the floor of my East Hollywood studio apartment in 2008, when I worked as a waitress at a comedy club, struggling massively financially ($30 /wk for groceries and fun), and I was out partying every night with friends that helped me check out of reality. 

I had gotten home from Teddy's and I made a list that read:

Universe, I want to call in a group of friends that are evolved

They wear white

Have dinner parties

Don't really drink

Fast-forward to 2015 surrounded by my kundalini, white-wearing, spiritual friends that don't really drink. I had never even heard that such things existed. I just had a download of what that community I desired "felt" like. 

Or there was the time I was on the beach in Malibu in 2007, where I got my first download to start looking at patterns in my family. Looking at my relationship dynamics and how I was still replaying those dynamics with new people in my life. And I thought, it would be so incredible to guide people through this one day, though I had no clue what that would even look like or that it was possible. 

What I'm getting at here is clarity can take time. And it's all for a reason! Each relationship up to my current community gave me tools and experiences that made me ready for them. As did every job along the way. Working in production taught me organization and business. Acting and waitressing taught me how to be comfortably seen... 

I'm just here to be transparent about my journey and hug you if your clarity is taking time! It will come. This exact journey is divine, and the best advice I can give is to UNBLOCK and do the work on yourself along the way so that you are in a worthy place of receiving when it's your time to connect with your subject. Enough about me! I thought it would be way more exciting to share one of your experiences about this very subject. A dear client to me who is very special. You are not alone! 


"I wanted to get in touch because I’ve seen some of the amazing feedback that Lacy’s been getting on her latest UNBLOCKED course, and other testimonials on the website.  These are all so beautiful, they really inspire me to continue doing the work and believe that anything is possible!  I wanted to add my own feedback on Lacy’s work and process, both because it has truly been transformative for me, and also because I feel like I might be a slightly different profile to some of Lacy’s other clients: I’m married with one child already and twin girls on the way (!), and I haven’t been looking for how to call in what I want so much as clarity around what it is that I DO want.

I’ve done every one of Lacy’s workshop’s so far, and she and I have also had one session together, which was very helpful.  Since that time, I have listened to her podcast interviews, read everything on her blog, and done all the homework she assigned, including a deep imagining every day - no mean feat with a toddler running around and lots of pregnancy-related self-care and medical appointments crowding my schedule!  But even when I’ve been tired, I have prioritized this work as I’ve gotten so much out of it.

I came to Lacy looking for clarity around purpose, soul work, and career - I left my corporate job when I had my son, and since then, I haven’t totally settled on what I want to do next.  I can’t say that in the months that I have been doing this work that the perfect career has manifested for me, but I have experienced huge and at times unexpected shifts in other areas of my life directly connected to the blocks that Lacy identified in our session together.  As I have re-examined my childhood, my understanding and experience of motherhood have transformed, and I am relating better to my son.  Digging deeper into the sources of Lacy’s work and process, I have really come to understand how important childhood, and particularly the first seven-14 years are.  This has given me permission to create the kind of lifestyle I want for both myself and my young family without guilt.  This means creating a beautiful home (Lacy had identified my snobbery around “homemakers” as a huge piece of my shadow to integrate-something that I was initially a bit resistant to as I just wanted to work on career), finding the help I need to enjoy motherhood and also, most importantly, doing the work on myself to shift my attitude toward this more inward, slow and less outwardly “productive” or “value-generating” part of my life.

As a result, I think I’ll be spending this summer in a villa in Ibiza - something I never previously thought would have been possible. If you had asked me if I wanted to do this a year ago, I would have responded that the idea of spending the summer somewhere relatively remote with two seven-month-old girls and a three-year-old boy would have sounded horrific.  But I now look forward to the opportunity to spend the summer months with my babies by the beach, doing little beyond playing, taking in the sunshine and beautiful, healthy food.  I’m hoping that I will manifest the perfect summer nanny to help me with the kids so I can keep up my self-care regimes, and the space we have found has room for friends to visit and stay if they like. Before I shifted my self-worth, this kind of experience sounded like the sort of thing that only super wealthy people or those who had inherited villas could do; I now know otherwise!  I even seem to have manifested a considerable discount on the villa where we will be staying - maybe not as impressive as Lacy’s clients who are manifesting amazing holidays with free places to stay, but not bad!

I also notice all my relationships shifting.  A beautiful, successful woman I did about 3 weeks of freelance work for last year contacted me recently; I haven’t heard from her in ages and used to find her really intimidating for all she has accomplished in her “cool” career as a fashion entrepreneur.  A dog breeder who has a HUGE waitlist for her adorable pedigree English Cream dachshunds (dogs are a big deal in England!) contacted me out of the blue, inviting me to put my name down for her next litter, due next year.  I had inquired about her puppies years ago, and even though a dog isn’t on my current manifestation list, it is clearly part of the picture of the life I am creating in my subconscious (and conscious!).  I was stunned when this happened as she normally isn’t very responsive.  Through Lacy’s work, I have identified the root of my problem forming deep, lasting female friendships, and am currently calling in my Expander friends through a process of reprogramming, journaling and consciously evaluating what I want and the energy of my relationships.  Finally, even though I don’t have clarity on a career yet, I have received hints about the type of work I would like to be doing.  Even more exciting than this, I have a stronger sense of where I want our family to root down and live (something else I had big questions about).  Some of Lacy’s clients might know exactly what they want and just need help to call it in; I have faith in my power to call things in but have had trouble identifying exactly what it is I want.  Truly, Lacy’s process works on both fronts.

I have faith in Lacy’s process and work, and I trust that there is, even more, to come after my girls are born.  I have invested in several follow-up sessions with Lacy because, as helpful as the UNBLOCKED workshops are (and they are - REPARENT was truly transformative!), her gift of identifying exactly what is blocking you and the energy patterns you need to shift is incredibly helpful and healing. I look forward to learning how to identify my tests from the Universe and calling in my soul work/career after the twins are born.  While I don’t have total clarity as to what this is yet, I am beginning to really understand my power in creating what I want for myself.  I see these sessions as an investment in creating the life I want - what could be more inspiring than that?

My sincere thanks to Lacy for all that she does; she is clearly a generous, kind soul and a hard worker.  We all stand to benefit from what she puts into the world.  I hope that space opens up on her waitlist before our session in March, but if it doesn’t, I look forward to sharing where I am with her at that point!

Sorry, this is so long!  I cannot say enough good things about Free + Native - thank you to the team for all that you do!" -UNBLOCKER #NATIVEmanifestationtribe #inspiringthecollectiveconsciousness • 1 session, 3 UNBLOCKED workshops

Normal blog posts will resume next week. I've been underwater creating HOW TO MANIFEST VIDEO workshop and UNBLOCKED Money so that you can have both before the New Year. 2018 is going to be incredible. I can already feel it. 

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